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Numbers 25:9-13 seems to raise more questions than it answers. God tells Moses that he is so impressed by the zealousness of Phinehas, that his own zeal to execute every last Israelite has been sated, and he ends the plague, which by this point has killed 24,000 of Godís chosen.

What? There was a plague? Since when? Weíve only been told about Godís decree to murder all the ďsex-offenders,Ē when was there a plague? Or, are we supposed to think of the executions as a plague of sorts? If it was, that means that 24,000 men paid to have sex with the whores of Moab and Midian. Either those lands have a LOT of whores or just a few with extremely high levels of stamina!

When you read the whole of this chapter, it seems pretty clear that God caused another unspecified disease (maybe an STD, amiright?!) to propagate through the Israelites and wipe them out entirely just like he did before. Perhaps this is why there were a bunch of Israelites weeping at the Tabernacle?

Wasnít Godís earlier demand of execution enough? Paying to have sex with the priestess of a pagan religion may be considered wrong in some moral systems, and while I doubt any sane moral system would consider it a stoning offense, at least only those who commit the crime are to be punished. But Godís system of morality is far from sane. He prefers to execute anyone of a similar race to the person who had sex with a foreigner! How broken is a moral system if it requires the execution of millions for the deeds of a few horny men?



tussock writes:


So at some point, the clans had a nasty flu, or similar week-long ailment, hit them and was killing quite a lot of people. Based on their usual counting, a couple dozen at least.

So they figured God was angry again, and randomly picked some group to kill, like everyone visiting the local brothel (the temple of Moab. Why, how does your religion fill you with joy?).

After they'd done that, the flu had run it's course, it proved by association that god was no longer angry, and took note to ban the Moab and Midian religious functions forever more.

The fact that they'd also eliminated the competition for tithing probably made such decisions a bit easier. Back to getting a promise of eternal suffering for your tithes, lest the flu come back.


Oh the irony!