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And that’s why we call it a Cozbi Sweater.

Let’s say you’re reading a story about an unnamed man and woman. You read paragraph after paragraph, and then, suddenly at the end of the story, in a different writing style, you see the following: “Oh yeah, and the man’s name was John Smith, and the woman’s name was Jane Doe, and they came from Canada, so you should totally kill every Canadian you see.” This is precisely what we see with Numbers 25:14-18, and a pretty good indication that the ending paragraph doesn’t have anything to do with the previous story.

We suddenly learn that the Israelite man who was killed by Phinehas was named Zimri, son of Salu, prince of the Simeonites, and the Midianite woman’s name was Cozbi, daughter of Zur, chief of Midian. Why their names were not used during the previous events of this story may not concern True Believers™, but biblical scholars see this as pretty obvious editing from the Priestly source.

As a reaction to a single Midianite woman having coitus with an Israelite man for Baal-Peor (they even named the plague Peor), God calls for the complete destruction of the entire Midianite race. I guess they should start with Moses’ first wife Zipporah, since she’s nearest.

Again with the genocide for the crimes of a single person? Bad bible! Bad! Go lay down!



Ladyofthemasque writes:


I see what you did there, TAG...

...Because if the Bible is calling for death death death for anyone laying down with anyone else, you want the Bible to kill itself!

Great Tiger writes:


"Again with the genocide for the crimes of a single person?"

That's how they get you (generic you); by stacking ridiculousness on top of ridiculousness.

It's natural to say "why punish all for the 'evil' of just one person". But that, subtly, validates the idea that the consensual sex described in the passage is a crime in the first place.


Oh the irony!