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I’m sure we’re all shocked by this. No, not because Numbers 26:57-65 tells us that the priestly tribe increased through all the wars and famine, but that they only increased by 1,000 men!

For some reason, the size of the individual clans in the Levite tribe (Gershon, Kohath, and Merari) are not listed here. This passage also retells several of the stories from previous readings. Moses’ lineage, Aaron’s two eldest sons being burned by God because they didn’t worship him correctly, and how Caleb and Joshua are the only two men of the original Exodus group who will be allowed to enter the Promised Land. Boring.

There is also a list of names from the clans of the Levites, and while most of them are boring, there is one, Mahli, which means “my sickeness”. I imagine the mother had some serious emesis gravidarum with that kid!




Oh the irony!