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In Numbers 27:12-14, God has Moses climb Mount Abarim, and from the peak, he is able to look upon the Promised Land and see it in all its splendor. Of course, this is just a cruel tease, because right after Moses gets misty-eyed over his new home, God tells him heíll never be allowed to enter!

But why not? We have seen the Israelites acting like unbelievably (literally) spoiled brats ready to murder if they donít get their own way, but ever since day-one, Moses has been following Godís words to the letter. How could God possibly deny Moses? Well, according to God, itís because of his rebellion at the waters of Kadesh, the same reason God gave for killing-off Aaron. However, if you go back and read the passage (Numbers 20:1-13), youíll find that, even though God condemns everyone for rebelling against him, both Moses and Aaron follow Godís commands precisely!

Even if you read the passage about the first water-from-the-rock incident, back in Exodus, youíll see that Moses and Aaron have been perfect little sycophants this entire time. Granted, Moses and Aaron would be seen as barbarians in the light of todayís morality, but using the bible as a standard, theyíre perfectly moral because theyíre perfectly obedient, which according to the bible means the same thing.

I almost feel sorry for Moses. Heís like the soldier who, without question, carries out the orders of his superior to torture women and children, and then canít understand why heís being arrested for war crimes.



Baughbe writes:


God, I would ask if it was possible for a deity to sink any lower, but I feel that you will sink to the challenge.

tussock writes:


Perhaps one of the older stories of the waters of Kadesh did have Aaron and Moses leading the rebellion, it'd make a lot more sense that way.

0123456789 writes:


Working on Labor Day again?


Oh the irony!