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As you know, after the Israelite blitzkrieg, the soldiers rounded up all the surviving women, children, livestock, and valuables. These were taken to Moses who demanded the execution of every little boy, and every woman with a torn hymen. The livestock was spared the routine slaughter of the people, but the valuables had to be cleansed with fire or water (no wind, earth, or heart?). The remaining spoils are now set to be divided by rules devised by God himself in Numbers 31:25-27.

It begins with a 50/50 split. Those soldiers who fought in the invasion get half of their spoils, while the remaining half go to the Israelites who stayed at home and did nothing. Well… that seems… “fair.” Can you imagine being an Israelite soldier at this point? Hey, I know you risked your life, watched your friends die, and came back horribly maimed, but we’re still gonna have to take away half of what you conquered from our enemy and give it to the people who didn’t do a damn thing!

It’s as though God is the ultimate politician!



Anonymous writes:


That God, what a socialist!


Oh the irony!