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Numbers 33:11-37 lists 27 different camp sites (twice) from the Wilderness of Sin all the way to Mt. Hor in Kadesh covering a span of the Torah starting at the middle of Exodus, including all of Leviticus, and the first half of Numbers; over two years of wandering. This means that they dilly-dallied at each camp site for about a month! Wow, for an enslaved race eager to return to the freedom of their homeland, they weren’t exactly eager to return to the freedom of their homeland!

Of those 27 locations, only four were actually mentioned as camps in Exodus, Leviticus, and previously in Numbers. For some reason, even though exciting events surely took place at each site (you know, like mutinous Israelites, face-falling patriarchs, bloody battles, and psychopathic deities), there is no mention of them at all.

We know that exciting events happened because of the names of the locations, names like: Kibrothhattaavah which means “graves of lust,” Rissah which means “ruin,” Haradah which means “fear,” and Hashmonah which means “fatness.”

Of course, we must keep in mind that most of the names used come from words that do not exist anywhere else in the bible, or anywhere else in the history of literature for that matter, which means that it’s unlikely these translations are accurate. Oh well, at least we can get through the passages in a hurry.




Oh the irony!