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In Numbers 34:1-15, God describes the borders of the Promised Land that the Israelites have yet to conquer. Iíll save you the from the tedium and just direct you to a map on the Wikipedia page. Notice how there are two different border lines? That because the description here in Numbers 34 doesnít match a future description that will be given in Ezekiel 47. And since weíre pointing out discrepancies, it doesnít match the borders God gave in Genesis 15 to Abram, or the borders he gave to Moses back in Exodus 23.

Not like consistent borders would matter in the slightest anyway, as history demonstrates, this region of the planet has had constantly shifting borders for tens of thousands of years because itís a non-stop conquer-fest. Although, the fact that so many people have fought to the death over a worthless scrap of desert really does make you scratch your head.

I should also point out that in Numbers 34:13, God demands that the land be awarded by lot, that is, by randomization. Randomization in politics, while not the best way to fulfills the peopleís desire, does have the benefit of being immune to corruption, when done correctly. Of course, as weíll eventually see, and anyone could predict, Godís randomization process will be flawed.



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"Stable release", eh?

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Oh the irony!