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Tensions are high as we lie poised on the verge of the ultimate battle! In the calm before the storm, God motivates his armies the only way he knows how, by talking politics! Thatís right, Numbers 34:16-29 ends the chapter with God appointing leaders to each tribe, and as expected, theyíre all of Godís cronies. Well isnít that convenient? Coincidentally, as I write this Iím wearing a sticker which reads, ďI Voted!Ē as I just took part in the Michigan primaries. But why should I bother researching candidates and policies, talking about civil issues with my friends and co-workers, and wasting all that time voting for governmental representatives when I can just trust God to give me a monarch to obey? Talk about easy! God is all-knowing after all, so we can rest assured that he will never fail to pick the best possible -man- for the job!

In fact, just to prove how competent he is, letís look at Godís track record of picking nothing but winners, shall we? There was Adam (incest, civil disobedience, public nudity), Noah (drunken disorderly conduct, animal abuse, child abandonment), Abraham (rape, attempted child murder), Isaac (procuring prostitution, blackmail), Jacob (defrauding the elderly), Joseph (planting evidence), and now Moses (first degree murder). Sadly, these guys would fit right in with modern politicians!

While history is ripe with rulers claiming to have been appointed by God, even as recent as George W. Bush, the reality is, such an act would be highly unlikely and is lacking any direct evidence. The natural conclusion is that rulers who claim God has appointed them are either sorely mistaken, or abusing Godís name for a grab at power. So what does that say for the Israelites?



Great Tiger writes:


Michigan? You've got Gov. Snyder... which means you DO have a monarch to obey!

Well. If you live in Detroit.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Tell me about it! Several elected officials around the state have been replaced by Snyder's cronies.


Oh the irony!