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The irony of God really shines forth at the end of Numbers 35! Yesterday we learned that itís wrong to let criminals pay money to avoid their punishment. The 18-year-old me would have nodded at this wisdom and touted it as proof that God knew what he was doing from the very beginning. But of course, the 34-year-old me is trying to view the book objectively as an example of ancient literature rather than prove it right, and thatís why Iím not missing the glaring contradiction this time! If you want to be internally consistent, you canít in the same breath say that itís wrong to accept payment to avoid punishment, and that people need to use blood sacrifice to God as a payment to avoid punishment!

And, should I also highlight Godís way to atone for innocent bloodshed in Numbers 35:34? More bloodshed! Retributive ďjusticeĒ and capital punishment may be endorsed by God as the only possible way to resolve a crime, but modern societies realize that the death penalty is ineffective at curbing crime and subject to uncorrectable mistakes, and therefore should be left behind as the barbaric practice of a bygone era.




Oh the irony!