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Rather than doing the unthinkable and letting women own land, God decides to take away their personal freedoms forever! Yes, thatís a much better way of handling it! In Numbers 36:5-9, in an effort to ensure that tribes wonít lose their land to other tribes at Jubilee, God eliminates 99.999% of all possible marriage candidates for every women without a brother. Great idea oh Lord!

Iíve watched countless religious debates on video and attended several personally, and every time the issue of misogyny comes up, the religious apologist deals with it in the same way. They always claim that the misogyny in the bible exists, not because God is misogynistic, but because the people of the time were misogynists in spite of God. Iím forced to agree with the apologists because I too donít think God made these rules, but thatís because I donít believe in gods to begin with! And although we both have the same position, only one of us is genuine. According to the bible, God is the one who created the laws around land ownership and how to deal with women inheriting land. Therefore, God is directly responsible for how dreadfully misogynistic these laws are! If God had any egalitarian sense at all, he would have said that women can own land just like men, and that at Jubilee, land returns to whoever owned it in the first place, male or female. Which means that, if the bible is true, the fault lies with God, not the Israelites.

Apologists will often respond to arguments like this by saying, because the people were so misogynistic, God had to make rules to accommodate their society. But this is the same crap they try to pull about the laws regarding slavery. Why would an all-good, perfect god make an evil law and then demand that everyone obey it? If an omnipotent omni-benevolant deity kowtows to evil, they are either not omnipotent, not omni-benevolant, or both. So which is it?



Belg writes:


"If an omnipotent omni-benevolant deity kowtows to evil, they are either not omnipotent, not omni-benevolant, or both. So which is it?" - I go with answer "c": they do not exist!

Agnos writes:


I go with option "e": The priests once again sold their "law" to "their peoples" as "law of god".

Baughbe writes:


And for those that insist on believing there is : f) God is evil

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


What happened to D?

Baughbe writes:


"TheAlmightyGuru writes:

What happened to D?"

Budget Cuts.

Agnos writes:


What happened to D?
1. Budged cuts.
2. Test how attentive you are reading the comments.
3. Shit happens.

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