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The beginning of Genesis 6:4 mentions, "giants", however more up-to-date translations use the word "Nephilim". "Nephilim" is based off the the actual Hebrew word used in the oldest manuscripts, nephiyl. Does it matter which word is used? You bet your sweet Jesus cracker it matters!

Simply calling these people "giants" does the KJV readers a great disservice. "Giant" makes you think of people afflicted with gigantism. The second half of Genesis 6:4 talks about the Nephilim being the offspring of the sons of the gods and human women. So, the Nephilim are angel/human crossbreeds? Were these angels raping women? According to Mark 12:25, angels don't get married, so they must have been committing adultery with them. Were they fallen angels? That's pretty messed up. Some people claim that the Nephilim are evil because they are the offspring of Cain's diabolic half/human-half/Satan lineage. Again, pretty messed up!

A more believable idea is that, since the bible claims that these people were men of renown, they could be the heroes of lore (i.e., not actually real people, but symbols of heroism). For example, the Aramaeans referred to the constellation Orion as Nephila—Orion, and motifs like him, exist in many cultures.



Ray writes:


Ah, Qazar. I can see that he seems to be getting more snarky than inquisitive. But then again, in his place, with his knowledge, I would probably be too.

Still, what with his stance on rape being stated here, I wonder what his stances are on other issues, like gay rights, global warming, tax increases, etc.

Uncle Jellyfish writes:


When I see the word "Nephilim," I think of the badass creatures from Magic: The Gathering, lol. At least we know that Quazar, with all of his power, still has ethics and morals. o-o

Mr-know-it-all writes:


If you are wondering Quazar's stance on all that matters, yes, we gotta wait. If it's the bible's, then it's easier. Global warming they'd say it's a fake god's stuff or something. On rape, the punishment was pretty much "you break it you bought it". As for gay guys, that was condemned to death by stoning. As in, trowing stones at them, not as in overdose of something.

Laura writes:


Hmm I believe there is a mythologic term for angel half breeds I can't remember it exactly but apperently angles don't have sex per say they just kinda magically implant the baby, some people argue that angels were actually aliens that impregnated women and that's how we get the supposed offspring of humans and angels. Of course this all theory in the end it's only an idea unless we were there to witness the entirety of it all.

Veritas writes:


'angles don't have sex'

I would rightly hope so. Obtuse and Reflex angles forming a-cute baby angle is just sick and wrong!~

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Well, it's certainly not -right-.


Oh the irony!