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After the entire ark is loaded up, the rains begin, as first explained in Genesis 7:10.

Noah was supposed to get two or seven of all the birds in existence, but what about all of the other ones on Earth? Let's say you're a bird in the middle of a rain storm. Suddenly, the tree you're perched on is consumed with water. What are you going to do? Stay in the tree and drown or fly away? Tough decision, right? Now you're flying through heavy rains and you see a really big wooden brick floating in the sea with absolutely nothing else in sight. Your wings are getting sore and you're tired of flying against the wind and rain. Do you think, just maybe, it would be a good idea to land on the big wooden rectangle? Then, you notice a hole with heat and light coming out. Maybe it would be a good idea to fly into the hole and get out of the rain, no? Okay, multiply that times a million, and you can picture what Noah could expect from that one window on his ark and the constant assault of flocks of birds and climbing animals trying to get into his ark. What about that thatch roof? How will that stop an army of desperate animals? Let's just hope that gopher wood is woodpecker-proof!

Today is December 25th, a very important day to a great number of people, and more recently, it has become very popular with Christians. The Wikipedia article on Christmas is quite lengthy, but in particular, read about the history of Christmas if you want to know the real reason for the season.

Through the years, people have made a tradition out of emulating a famed trio of astrologers, the three wise men, by giving gifts for Christmas. For those of you who feel obligated to do so, you can give me the gift of free-advertising by sending a link to this comic to your friends and being sure to vote each time you visit.



Laura writes:


Wow he can displace matter so he can walk on water... Cool! ^.^
Fourty days and fourty nights soundsl like just a little time compared to how long it took them to rebuild crap... In a strange way they taught me about this in the 4th grade they made me sing a song about how mother earth decided to kill all humanity because she wasn't pretty...

Uncle Jellyfish writes:


Wooo...back from vacation. Could've used rain like that where I was. It was so dry that my chapstick had chapped lips.

Ray writes:


So, I guess God lied about creating dihydrogen monoxide and H2O. Perhaps it[God] suffers from and/or is impaired pseudologia fantastica?

(I love using big words.)

....That or God forgot to/still hasn't make/made surface tension (yet).

Tmowlee writes:


Quazar is Jesus. you can not deny it!
Or maybe just aquaman. (Jesus=aquaman. it's true)

Uncle Jellyfish writes:


I don't see what's so great about Jesus/Aquaman. He has the exact same abilities as Spongebob. >_>

just me writes:


What's up with religions, literature and 40 days??

Bobby B writes:


Ray, I'm pretty sure that dihydrogen monoxide is the same as H2O.

I wonder what God does with all the dead bodies of every living thing that wasn't in the ark. It would basically cover any places like forests or towns with a layer of bodies.

just me writes:


Bobby B, the world population at that time was less than 50 million people. One normal person takes up about 1 m^2 (especially if they'd pile up). So all the dead bodies could be put side by side in a 7x7 km square, if you pile up the bodies, then you need an even smaller surface. So you just find a large vulcanic crater or an impact crater and the job's done.

Katy writes:


@just me - where did you come up with that number? Curious ...

Also, it wasn't just the bodies of the people, but of all the animals, too. If they drowned and were underwater with sediment running all over the place because of the waters moving, one would think there would be a fossil record showing this mass extinction of poople (oops - I mean people! I'll leave the typo b/c it is amusing) and animals ...

whoever writes:


Well, those birds would solve the food problem.


Oh the irony!