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The first time Noah sends out the dove, in Genesis 8:8, it comes back with nothing, but the second time, one week later, the dove returns with an olive branch. There are plenty of ways to spin a tale of a rogue olive seed making its way through a year-long flood and finding itself near the top of a mountain, so I wonít bother with that. Iím more in awe of speed and fortitude of that olive plant.

On its first flight, the dove is said to have found no place to rest the sole of its foot (Genesis 8:9), despite the fact that Genesis 8:5 said that the mountain peaks were visible. Maybe the mountain tops were visible beneath the surface of the water, who knows? Everything is still covered in water, so the dove hangs out for a week before trying again. Amazingly, in that time, the waters recede enough to bare dry land, an olive seed comes out of dormancy, germinates in the infertile sludgy silt left by the flood, and grows into a leaf-bearing sapling.


Most impressive.



Laura writes:


Awww poor Mr.Crow. Hey everybody I'm back from my short yet way too long for my comfort vacation in Mexico... I'm ok just trying to readjust to the dirt over here, my allergies are killing me!

Tmowlee writes:


But you are not a jedi yet olive branch.

the penguin writes:


you can't repopulate your species, but you sure as hell can make a hybrid of two! penguin-monkey anyone? plus, that olive plant must of had some other-worldly power to generate itself in such a short space of time. note to self: grow olive plants in post-flooded areas of sludgy soil for super quick results!

the monkey writes:


Why would i want to form a hybrid with a bird that can't even fly.

Ray writes:


@Laura, how do we know that isn't a MISSUS crow?

Or for that matter, a raven? Still, you have to wonder why we still have any raven's left at all, considering Noah sent 1 of the only(?) 2 left.

But yeah, I'm also surprised the Dove didn't just EAT the olive leaf or something.
And how fast that olive plant gre.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Laura: Glad to have you back. You didn't get caught up in any of the Mexican drug wars did you.

Mmm... Mexican drug wars. Now I want to eat tacos... with PCP.

TBman256 writes:


how about a penguin/otter thing from avatar?

Mr-know-it-all writes:


That's a crow/raven (never been sure of the difference), not a penguin. It wouldn't be funny if it was not a raven/crow. And if it was a penguin, it would have a white belly.

Then again, I wouldn't worry about her. She surely found the land and was smart enough to not go back to that damn ark, unlike that dumb dove.

Katy writes:


@ Mr-know-it-all: Ravens are almost twice the size of crows, and have a larger beak with a sort of curve on the top of it. I know this because just last week I was looking at crow & raven videos on YouTube. They can both mimic a human voice incredibly well, as well as other sounds. Someone filmed a crow in Yosemite park (California, USA for those who don't know that) making a sound like a cell phone. It was really funny.


Oh the irony!