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Genesis 8:15-19 talks about Noah leaving the ark with his family and all of the animals to repopulate the Earth. So basically... have lots of incest... again.

A few more loose ends to tie up about the flood. While God was busy magically whisking away the water from the flood, he seems to have whisked away all other forms of evidence from the flood as well.

Floods leave behind massive amounts of sediment and silt. The larger the flood, the more sediment is left behind. This creates a layer of sediment in the geologic column that can be found in cross sections of rock. Seeing how the great flood only happened 4,000 years ago, it would be very easy to find this layer of every where on Earth. However, as it turns out, there is no evidence of a global layer of sediment everywhere on Earth. There are plenty of isolated layers of sediment that show isolated floods, but nothing to warrant a global flood.

Another very major, and very obvious, thing that happened with the flood was global death on par with that of mass extinction. The most recent mass extinction is the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago. We should see a huge dip in the global population of humans and animals, and an increase in the amount of fossils, for 4,000 years ago, but we don't.

There's also the issue with human cultures that predate the flood. Egypt, for example, has existed, uninterrupted, for at least 9,500 years. However, there is no evidence of a global flood from their records, no hieroglyphs of a mass execution of everyone, not even a mass destruction of all their buildings.

Creationists will often point to aquatic fossils found in mountain ranges as evidence of a global flood, but plate tectonics offers a much more accurate, and more importantly—a testable, explanation for these fossils.



Uncle Jellyfish writes:


I feel sorry for that poor sheep.

BornAgainChristian writes:


You fools! Do you not see that God wiped all the evidence away, because it was a completely new beginning for the earth - from the one's that were chosen as they were pure and not wicked? The Egyptians are more than 4000 years old? I don't think so. If that were the case they would have been wiped out in the flood, since their cultural artefacts are still standing, it is obvious that they are less than 4000 years old! Why are you non believers so foolish?

TBman256 writes:


check this out!

just me writes:


BornAgainChristian, I'm gonna go with my gut here and persume you're being sarcastic, so nice job :D
But for the sake of argument: god must have had a great love for details, seeing how he even modified carbon atoms in man made structures that were "proven" by our "science" to be more than 4k years old, just to make them look older, although they really aren't. Same goes for corpses and other stuff. Not to mention the geology and covering up the 6k years old Earth, so it would apear to our scientists billions of years old.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


BornAgainChristian: When you make a persuasive argument, you're expected to provide evidence to back it up. If what you're saying is true, then there should be a lot of papers published in respected archeological journals that date the beginning of the Egyptian culture to around 2,000 BCE. Please find those journals and report back to us.

fastin writes:



im sure he's not serious. . . right?

Ray writes:


"Bah" indeed. To incest, bestiality, and BornAgainChristian being serious. And adding onto that, "Humbug", to Christmas & New Years(I didn't get anything.)

Either way, I think BAC is just a troll or some other such type of internet user.

fastin writes:


i was wathcing the science channel and apparently there is enough water underground to cover the earth

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


fastin: Which program? Which episode? Who made the claim? We need more info than that in order to verify your claim.

Amber writes:


BornAgainChristian: So basically the comic is wrong because you're right? Nice argument.

Ray: What's wrong with bestiality? :-)

fastin writes:


@TheAlmightyGuru "Inside Planet Earth" a profile of the earth's core and it's protective powers. documentary. thats all i could find right now

Ray writes:


Normally, I don't like to get involved in the debate, but in this case, I don't think we will necessarily NEED credibility verification to disprove this.

Simply put, let's look at the tallest mountains, and geographic displacement, such as contours, canyons, etc.

Then, let's look at the Earth's core and what's in-between the surface and the core of Earth.

Personally, even if the barrier between the core and the surface were only 1 milimeter thick, I doubt there would be enough room for enough water to be stored, with which we could cover all of Earth.

If you ask me(Although I may be wrong.), this case is closed.

fastin writes:


listen i dont know im just saying what i heard and saw

Laura writes:


I saw that one too! I think it's cool but in the end most of the things sciencs does and proves are theories because in the end we really don't know just take educated guesses as to how and why, the great part of it all is that we all can communicate the therories to another and express what we think.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


fastin: Is this the show you're talking about?

Laura: When it comes to explaining the real world, you can't get any better than a theory, but that doesn't mean that theories are not well-understood. For example, the studies done on sexual reproduction and infectious diseases are theories, even though we know a great deal about them.

fastin writes:



yeah thats it. well obveusly its a theory and thay can't prove it but is it right?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I'm working on getting a copy to watch. I'm curious about how they worded the claim.

A lot of theories have been proven to the point where no rational person would disagree. For example, the theory of gravity is proven well enough that I used the stairs to leave my second-floor apartment as opposed to my balcony.

With regard to water being able to cover then entire Earth--as long as we can get a relatively accurate measurement the amount of water on the Earth, and amount of cubic space from the tallest mountains to the lowest valleys, then it's merely a matter of mathematics to prove it's possible.

Winterset writes:


I'd have to say I agree that it's highly unlikely. I wasn't all that good at geometry but if you take a sphere and extend it, the volume increases rapidly in geometric proportion to the diameter. Therefore even a small percentage of increase would require a huge amount of free-space on the inside of the sphere. I'd love to see the actual math on it, but I find it pretty untennable.

fastin writes:


well when you get it and watch it tell me. . . somehow

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I watched "Inside Planet Earth" and I didn't catch anyone saying that there is enough water in the Earth to flood it completely. However, they do talk about Glacial Lake Missoula (found 1 hour 14 minutes in) which ruptured its ice dam releasing an amount of locked water equivalent to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario combined. That's the closest thing I could find, but I may have missed something.


Kim writes:


Maybe it's all hyperbole?

El Pato writes:


This entry makes me wish I had an ark, and sheep ;)


Oh the irony!