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Make up your mind God! Back in Genesis 13:16 God told Abram that he would have as many children as there are dust particles on Earth. But now, in Genesis 15:5, God reneges, and says his offspring will be the same as the number of stars in the sky. There are about 70 sextillion (70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) stars in the observable universe, but God correlates Abram's offspring with the number of stars he could see. That's only a couple thousand; not a very impressive lineage.

Now, if God was referring to the number of stars in the universe, then we have some issues to discuss. For one, did the number go up or down compared to the number of dust particles? There are more stars than there are grains of sand on Earth, but dust is smaller than sand, so there's probably more. Let's assume stars because it was said last, and let's assume all of the stars, because I like big numbers.

70 sextillion is far too many people, and it's just not possible if you believe that the world is scheduled for destruction by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a near-future date. Even if Abram's line birthed 25 billion children every year (far too much for the Earth to sustain) it would take 2.8 trillion years to hit God's goal.

The photo is of the Large Magellanic Cloud, taken by the European Space Agency with the Hubble Telescope.



Winterset writes:


And then colorized.

Ray writes:


Make up your mind, God! Is he going to have lots of kids, or lots of kids!?

But yeah, either way, that is way too many kids, in way too little time.

Uncle Jellyfish writes:


I don't even think that rabbits or rats could screw that much. Perhaps some rabbit/rat crossbreed with a super-powered sex drive could produce that many offspring...and then we meld it with Abram to make SUPER ABRAM! POPULATOR OF WORLDS!

Yes, I'm bored...-.-

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I'm sure Rhonda Britton from Roger and Me would be able to make a delicious stew of those rabbit/rat cross-breeds.

Laura writes:


What if god means all of his decendants and stupidly said kids just to confuse us

Gordon writes:


Well I have goiven up trying to make any kind of logical sence of biblical literalism.. however if you count spermatazoa (which are biologically haplod humans)then you tecnicaly expel several millions of them each time you have a 'ham shank'

Now I wonder if there is space for an internet religion based on 'saking hands in the garden of love'

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Heh heh "ham shank".

Actually, the massive amount of semen ejaculated is just another less-than-designed problem with Intelligent Design.

Women only release one ova every 28 days (on average). So, all that sperm is wasted. That, and the 40 week gestation period puts a "speed limit" on how quickly humans can reproduce.

Chris writes:


Cool evolutionary fact: the size of a primates testicles inversely correlates to the fidelity of said primate. Gorillas have tiny testicles, and have one or two partners over their lifetime, and Bunobo chimps have enormous testicles, and are more promiscuous than Huxley's New Worlders. Just more and more evidence for natural selection.

Katy writes:


@Chris ... From my own, personal experiences, that theory rings true ... IIINNNNteresting! Come to think about it, I think I've seen that somewhere before. Wish I could keep better track of all the junk up in my mind attic!


Oh the irony!