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Genesis 15 finishes up with God telling Abram that he will receive Canaan—for the fourth time. Maybe God suffers from echolalia... echolalia.

Well, hey, at least this time God measures out the promised land that Abram will receive. All the land from the Nile to the Euphrates, and all the people living between, are to become the property of Abram. That includes ten entire cultures that are expected to give up everything they own to Abram and his god that nobody has ever seen. Gee, I can't imagine why they fought against him!

200 comics, can that be right?

It sure is! I want to thank everyone who has been reading along and posting entertaining and/or educational comments. Even more, I want to thank everyone who has been consistently voting each day for The Blasphemer's Bible. When the comic began, there were almost 6,000 comics ahead of us, but thanks to your efforts, we're now sitting comfortably around the top 400 mark—that's a lot of progress! This comic will remain free, but I could use some help getting the word out. Send a link to a friend, post a link on a forum, and please vote daily.

Thank you all very much for taking this journey with me, I hope we all continue to learn about religion, science, and technology. Here's to 200 more comics!



Uncle Jellyfish writes:



Ladyofthemasque writes:


As someone with both a deep sense of spirituality and a Ph.D. in Religions (yes, plural)...I am really enjoying this look at the Bible. I do think the Bible contains some really good moments of wisdom in it...but only parts of it.

The rest, as Quazar is so right to point out...isn't so good or wise. It was a book written by humans a long time ago, when the world was a very, very different place, when all of their combined knowledge was but a single drop in the 5-gallon bucket we know today. (And there's an entire ocean of knowledge still waiting to be explored, yay! *ahem* Sorry, my inner geek got loose for a moment, there...) It is not infallible, it is not perfect, and it is definitely not 100% coherent.

I believe, if there is a Creator, then that Creator created the universe with all of its rules of physics, time, gravity, motion, energy, entropy, evolution, the works. The whole shebang. And that exploring it systematically and conscientiously through the inherent methods of science brings us closer to the truth of Creation--who can look at a sunflower and the Fibonacci sequence mathematically defining the two opposing spirals forming the whorl of its seeds, and NOT wonder at the beauty and majesty that comes from the union of math and biology?

...Well, okay, the non-geeks, and those who are blinded by unthinking faith in the multiply-translated words written in a really old book by mere mortals.

But that's okay. We can pat them on the shoulder, sympathetically "There, there, one day you'll get over it" ...and then secretly enjoy their befuddled looks because we won't tell them what "it" is...

TBman256 writes:



Ray writes:


And so Abram fired his lazer. By the way, Abram, did you know you're going to inherit Canaan?

Abram writes:


YES! I totally FUCKING know it!

Kitty writes:


This is a most educational comic, indeed. I never would have thought that Abram had a LAZAR FACE. :D

rimecuka writes:


So far, i dont really see anything Abram has done to contribute to society, really.

At least jesus could to tricks, this guy is just a douche.

Ray writes:


Forgot to say: HAPPY 200 COMICS, TAG!! (Sorry I forgot to say this earlier.)

Baughbe writes:


Oh Wow! I just found these ancient documents that were printed on a holy laser printer over 7000 years ago! And the holiness of it has kept them like new through the ages. Hmmm.... It seems I and my descendants inherit all that is south of the north pole all the way down to the south pole. Everyone else gets whats south of the south pole. Sorry people, your eviction notices are in the mail! TAG, you can stay, I like you. Ah what the hey, everyone who has posted on this site up to now can stay. Everyone else has to go, unless they can prove their worth to me and these holy pages....

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Good thing I've got an in with the mighty Baughbe!

Mr-know-it-all writes:


You know, technically, all the planet is "south of the south pole".

Sanders writes:


This site is full of win. Thank you for the pleasantly simple artwork and the astute commentary~

JFluffy writes:


maybe God has OCD, which is why he keeps starting again. telling Abram about Canaan must be like the light-switch thing some of them do...


Oh the irony!