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There is a big debate amongst the various sects of Christianity about what it takes to receive forgiveness. Some claim that all it takes is a truly penitent heart, while others claim that forgiveness comes only after you make reparations. Each side has scripture to back it up, which just adds to the ever-growing pile of biblical contradictions.

In Abimelech's case, the only way that he can please God for having done absolutely nothing wrong, is by giving a whole bunch of material possessions, slaves especially, to someone who is already obscenely wealthy. Genesis 20:14-16 pretty much spells out Abraham's greed.

The sad thing is, that this manner of abusing one's power is still very common in churches today. Every church attendee is expected to tithe away their income because God is all about the Benjamins. I've met my share of preachers who drive their luxury cars, live in their mansions, and always need a little bit more from the sinners in their flock. This story seems to endorse that kind of behavior; Peter Popoff wasn't an awful criminal who abused the hopes and dreams of millions, he was just following in the path of Abraham.



Winterset writes:


They admit they're only in it for the power and glory, they just claim it's for the power and glory of their god. And then they forget to mention they're acting as surrogates. I think that last bit would probably open a few more eyes.

Winterset writes:


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Ray writes:


Well, at least in the comic, he's only giving monopoly possessions. But yeah, Abraham is a jerk.

Mandrias writes:


No!! DON'T GIVE FREE PASSAGE THROUGH BOARDWALK!!! IT'S A TRAP! Wait, the trap was not telling Abimelech that she was also his wife...oh well.
@Winterset, Voting for him now :D.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Pro Tip:

When playing Monopoly, it's the orange and red properties that you need to watch out for the most. Jail is the most common place to go, and every time a person gets out of jail they will most likely hit an orange or red.

Mandrias writes:


@TheAlmightyGuru, Oh wow, never noticed that before, I'll have to remember that for the next time I play Monopoly. :D

Baughbe writes:


I thought everyone knew about orange and red. Dang, Now it'll be harder to beat you guys!

Anon writes:


I will give you forgivness and you will give Me: sarah, some livestock, a bunch of slaves, 1,000 pieces of silver, and free passage through boardwalk.


Oh the irony!