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I bet you thought the story with Abimelech was over! Fooled you! Genesis 21:22-24 speaks of Abimelech taking his military captain and meeting with Abraham. He forms a treaty with Abraham where both promise never to deal falsely with each other. While there isn't any actual explicit mention of Abimelech and Phichol strong-arming Abraham into the treaty, there aren't very many other reasons he would bring the captain of his military.

Notice also that, even though Abimelech acknowledges that Abraham has God with him in everything he does, he still demands that he swear an oath to deal honestly. Finally, we get some good advice from the bible: followers of God are just as untrustworthy as everyone else, and should be made to sign contracts, lest they welch on a deal.

The bible has quite a history regarding oath taking. Many people swear oaths throughout the Old Testament, and God himself swears an oath in the next chapter. Leviticus 19:12 says that if you swear by God's name, you must not be false. However all of the is rendered sinful when Jesus condemns swearing oaths in any form in Matthew 5:34-37. But if Jesus is God, they he declared something that he did in the past sinful! This must mean that God sinned, right? Well, maybe the bible should be retitled to "The Big Book of Mixed Signals".



Ray writes:


What a bunch of idiots! You can't get a senior citizen who has an imaginary friend to not lie! He's senile, crazy, & delusional!

Oh well, at least someone(Abimelech) is acting smart in this damned book for once!

Procyon writes:


'followers of god' doesn't have an apostrophe in it.

...btw, love the comic :D

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Thanks Procyon, I barely met my deadline this week, so I didn't proofread as much as normal!

Tmowlee writes:


Is phichol's name pronounced as fecal.
because if it is then he's officially my favorite biblical character.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Tmowlee: I don't know, it's been awhile since my class on 5th century BCE Hebrew literature (forever, in fact). But if it is, he's got my vote!

Sarah Carlson writes:


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