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Pretty offensive, right?

While Mohammed is not a biblical figure, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all based on the same core beliefs. One common belief is the idea that idolatry is evil and should be punished by death. The difference between the religions is that Muslims take this commandment seriously, and Christians do not. Christians claim to follow it, but instead, they plaster icons of Jesus, Mary, angels, crosses, fish, and many other idols everywhere they possibly can. I've heard my fair share of Christians bashing Muslims for taking their idolatry ban so seriously. However, they have no problem making death threats to those who would burn a cross or bible.

Hypocrisy aside, a just society should allow its people to peacefully criticize anything they want, especially governments and religions. Likewise, people who utilize their freedom of expression should also be allowed to be criticized. Peaceful criticism doesn't hurt people, it only introduces people to new ideas and avenues of thought. Peaceful criticism allows us to grow as a society and as individuals. Terrorism and censorship, on the other hand, are the denial of free expression and ideals; they prevent progress and retard wisdom. As Isaac Asimov so eloquently put it, "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

The purpose of "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" is to stand united against terrorists who would try to take away our freedom of expression by threatening to murder those who draw Mohammed. The threat becomes meaningless if we all draw Mohammed because it is unrealistic for them to murder everybody.

I'd like to leave a special place of honor for Theo van Gogh, who created the short film Submission which talks about the various abuses Muslim women are subjected to. He was murdered because of the film.



Winterset writes:


I tried to do a ASCII art thing of Mo, but I'm no good at that. Instead I'll just say "Hey Mo!" in my best Curly voice.

I'm thinking Mohammed, Abraham and Moses work pretty well as stand-ins for the three stooges.

(I apologize for any offense that might be taken by Three Stooges fans)

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


There are some ASCII Mohammeds in the comments of this blog:

Tmowlee writes:


Stop drawing mohammed!
Ahhhhhh! Can't resist urge to idolize!
Nooooooooo! Forgive me allah!

Ray writes:


Huh, I never even KNEW there was such a day. Oh well, know I now! And knowledge is power!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Knowing is half the battle!

BornAgainChristian/Muslim writes:



Chris writes:


TAG, Have you ever read Milton's Aeropagiticia? I think you'd really enjoy it. It's got quite a point to make about censorship.

I'm still of the opinion that it is within everyone's right to dislike something, but within no one's right to prevent that thing being publicized.

HOWEVER, there is a more worrisome form of censorship: popularization. How can we possibly avoid this? If all ideas are to be considered equally, but some ideas are preferred, then the unpopular ones are still being censored... just by social stigma, rather than law. Arguably a more effective form of censorship too.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Chris: I just read a synopsis of it, and it does sound like something I'd be interested in. I'll take it for a spin.

As for ideas, while I do believe that all ideas have the right to be thought and presented, I don't believe that all ideas are equal.

For example, if I had a rat problem, and I asked people for ideas on how to stop them, I would listen to the people who talked about traps and poisons a lot longer than to the people who talk about atomic missiles. The atomic missile person has the right to bring up the idea, so I'm not censoring them, but I also have the right to think the idea is really stupid.

Techs writes:


Way to stick it to Mohammed TAG.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


It's as if I'm drawing out a fight. :-D


Oh the irony!