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Sarah makes biblical history by not only being one of the few woman in the bible worthy of being addressed by name, but also the only woman who was deemed important enough to have her age stated upon her death. In a book as sexist as the bible, that's quite an achievement!

The cause of Sarah's death is omitted from the bible, but she appears to have died unexpectedly. She was alone in a foreign country for one, but also Abraham goes on to live another 50 years after her death, indicating that she probably would have lived longer. Rabbis have speculated that her death was caused from the grief of believing Abraham had killed their son (which would mean that God was the primary cause of her death). Others presume that Satan played a bunch of mind games with her which caused her to try and track down Isaac. This led her to Kirjatharba where she finally died from the stress (again, ultimately God's fault, since he convinced Abraham to murder his son).

Genesis 23:1-2 tells us that Abraham came to see Sarah's body to mourn for her. I can understand Abraham's disappointment upon learning of Sarah's death. Where else is he going to find another wife who is not just okay with him raping slaves, but actually tries to convince him to do so?



Tmowlee writes:


Yes i was quite unexpected TAG. She was only 127.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Still a spring chicken. :-(

Ray writes:


Yep. So who's this blond, new, pathetic excuse for a woman? Frankly, I almost weep for the person who has to pronounce or spell Kirjatharba, although I can do both easily.

Mr-know-it-all writes:


Sorry, I know this is old, I've been away for a while, but, wouldn't EVERYTHING in this story ultimately be YHWH's doing?

Sarah Carlson writes:


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