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Genesis 25:24-26 tells us that Esau was born totally covered in red hair, so thick, that it looked like he was wearing clothes. It sounds like he was suffering from hirsutism or hypertrichosis. He would have been perfect for 1970s pornography. Jacob, on the other hand, had the normal amount of hair that you'd expect on a baby, but was quite the heel grabber.

From these two minute details, Isaac gave them their names. The first child would be named Esau, which translates to "hairy", and the second would be named Jacob, which translates to "heel grabber". Isaac really sucks at giving names. The name Jacob is probably better defined as "supplanter". This is due to the difference between its literal translation, and its actual usage. Since, in the end, Jacob supplants his brother as the leader of the family, his name is quite apropos.

As usual, the names assigned to children magically dictate the future of the children. That happens all the time, right? Well, think of everyone you know with the name Eric. Are they presidents? kings? prime ministers? Probably not, but the name Eric means "ruler". Using the bible as a guide for what we should expect, everyone named Eric should be running the world. What gives?



Ray writes:


Gee, you'd think the Bible would have a King Eric then.

Frankly, I don't want to think about a really hairy baby after birth; Sorry to say, but it sounds disgusting.

Tmowlee writes:


I but while they were fighting one of them said "Let's take this outside."

melendur writes:


Hmmmm with that creativeness I bet he would name a bald baby. "baldy"

melendur writes:


errr sorry about double posting.

at least if the baby did nothing else that was interesting.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@melendur: If by "interesting" you mean, sneeze, cough, or poop!

Melendur writes:


@TAG Hmmmm I can imagine that.

Baby: Aaaaachooooo!

David: I'll name you sneezy.

melendr writes:


Gahhhh sorry about double posting again.

I meant issac, not david. just looked at the first guest comic :p


Oh the irony!