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Note: This is a guest comic!

II Solomon 12 is a well known chapter for the birth of Solomon (originally called Jedidiah). However much is ignored or glossed over in this chapter for it contains the brutal murder of an innocent baby by god to “punish” David, who killed a man over the matter of a single sheep. David had taken the slain man's wife as his own, in spite of the fact god had previously given him all the wives of King Saul. The public rape of many women is also ordered by god as punishment. And to top it off at the end of the chapter is a description of multiple torture methods used by David and his troops against the conquered citizens of Rabbah. This included use of ovens. Can anybody say Auschwitz? Murder, multiple rapes, baby killing, torture and all by god, god's favorite or by god's order. Over all I'd say this chapter's moral index is definitely in the negative.

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Tmowlee writes:


Ahhhhh. Justice.
Or something along those lines.
Or just more of god playing favorites.

It's a good thing we've got god here to give us our moral absolutes or else where would we be.

Ray writes:


Well, God's anything but merciful. But we knew that already? Also, it doesn't really seem like David himself is being punished at all.

Slade writes:


Yeah which part of that actually punishes David? I missed it I think.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Is it just me, or does the sun look an awful lot like the BP logo?

Baughbe writes:


You know TAG, I didn't even think about that. May be subliminal.
Ray and Slade, the point is that everything that was done to punish David didn't harm him at all, just a bunch of innocent (at least of killing Uriah) people around him.

Baughbe writes:


Actually that's not the sun but the light of you-know-who. I guess it is pretty corporate at that.

Ima Lemming writes:


You didn't mention the irony of God punishing David for killing one guy by having him commit genocide.


Oh the irony!