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Note: This is a guest comic!

James 1:5 tells us that if you want to be smart, just ask God and he'll beam your head full of all sorts of good stuff, like Duncan and the brain fryer from My Teacher Fried My Brains. I'm not going to bother explaining the obvious idiocy in thinking praying all night will prepare you for your biology midterm better than opening up your textbook and class notes and doing some reading, because anyone who'd need to be told probably isn't coming to this site. What I have to ask is, wasn't eating from the Tree of Wisdom and gaining intelligence what got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden?

Okay, so maybe the original sin wasn't becoming smart itself, it was Adam and Eve disobeying God's order not to eat from the tree, and learning what private parts were was just a side effect. But if God was cool with us being smart, why did he put gaining intelligence off limits in the first place? Why did he pick doing something that would ultimately result in Adam and Eve gaining smarts as the only thing Adam and Eve could do to sin in Eden, and not, say, bestiality?

But James 1:6-8 goes on to explain that God won't answer your pleas if you have even the slightest shred of doubt when you ask, which I guess is why praying for an A on your homework never works. I guess the best way to learn is still through the devil (or as they're known to most of us, "books").

- Codiekitty (Ima Lemming)



Ray writes:


Oh look, I can just pray to God for omniscience. Surely, he can give it to me.

Next day: I bet I'm omniscient now!

But yeah, you don't pray to an invisible old person in the sky if you want knowledge. Heck, doing that seems contradictory to the principles behind the pursuit of knowledge.

Flying Omelette writes:


Well, who would have guessed? If the lemmings would actually bother to go to class and study instead of praying to God for intelligence, then maybe they wouldn't be so brainless and bumbling.

But then again, there'd be no awesome Lemmings games if that happened...

Speaking of which, God must have something against lemmings considering how often they get dumped into those Hell levels.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Exactly! God's existence is proven by the fact that he wants those fuzzy rodents dead:

Also, this picture is sooo cute!

Ima Lemming writes:


Even if praying for divine knowledge worked, I have to wonder how good that information would be, because according to Leviticus 11:13-19 God thinks bats are birds.

Too bad I didn't know about that when I was writing the entry essay.

Also, "But the rest of James 1 goes on to explain" might need to be rephrased to "But James 1:6-8 go on to explain..." unless you think the original is fine. I got confused by the way the bible I was referencing was set up. It groups a bunch of verses together under a header about what those verses are about (i.e. "Animals You Can Eat," "Unclean Bodily Discharges"), and I thought each of those was its own chapter. But actually, it's only a paragraph and James 1 goes into a lot of other things, like God's stand on tempting people and whatnot.

Baughbe writes:


Reminds me of the phrase: The Fool thinks himself a Wise man, the Wise man knows himself to be a Fool. IE: The more you know, the more you know you don't know. It's easy to be all-knowing if you know almost nothing at all. And that's how so many leaders lead.

Ray writes:


@Baughbe: So, just like Mrs. Frizzle's expression "Keep asking questions, and you'll keep getting answers!"?

That is, because you know there's lots you don't know, you ask questions, & thus learn what you didn't know?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Ima Lemming: Updated for you.

The bible also talks about the four corners of the earth, the firmament of the sky, how we know things via out hears, that rabbits chew their cud, etc. All of it's wrong, but at the time, was thought to be right.

Science continually updates itself, religion stays in the Bronze Age. Sad.


Oh the irony!