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A famine. Just like before. Travel to Gerar. Just like before. You know, call me crazy, but I think we're reading the exact same story we read before, and again before that! Luckily, Genesis 26:1 explicitly tells us that this is not the same story as before. The bible protests too much, methinks. It can be argued that the protesting line was added for clarity, but, considering how vague and nebulous the rest of the bible is, that seems highly unlikely.

Is this just a retelling of the stories from Abraham's life, except with Isaac? You decide.

  • Genesis 26:1 - There is a famine.
  • Genesis 26:1 - God appears to Isaac and tells him to go to Gerar where he meets Abimelech (didn't Abraham just make a big fuss about Isaac not leaving Canaan?).
  • Genesis 26:4 - God tells Isaac that his offspring will be multiplied greater than the number of stars in the sky (GAH!).
  • Genesis 26:4 - God promises to give the land to Isaac.
  • Genesis 26:6 - Isaac tells everyone that Rebekah is his sister.
  • Genesis 26:8 - Abimelech sees Isaac and Rebekah "sporting" (what kind of sport is it that let's other people know they're married?).
  • Genesis 26:9 - Abimelech asks Isaac why he lied.
  • Genesis 26:9 - Isaac says he doesn't want to die for his wife (how romantic!).
  • Genesis 26:11-12 - Abimelech doesn't punish Isaac for his lies, instead, Isaac gets a huge reward.

So, what do you think? Is this simply the same story that just got jumbled up over years of oral tradition, or is it just an amazing triple coincidence that these rulers never seem to learn their lesson?



Ray writes:


It seems a strange coincidence. Also, if this Gerar was visited multiple times, do you think the Bible was trying to imply this fictional location was a tourist spot? That said, the events described by the previous comic almost make sense now, assuming they take place close together, temporally.

Fan Girl Laura writes:


Ahh another WTF moment in the bible recently my grandmother (Hardcore catholic) came to visit me I got out her spanish bible (I'm of Mexican blood) and I asked her about all the crap that happens in the bible... her response to me was unexpected she said and I quote “The bible is nothing more than a book made by fucked up people who enjoy hurting others, all the stories in it are trying to tell you the truth about humanity and what we really are.” I was stunned to say the least.

Tmowlee writes:


@Fan Girl Laura: woah! It's sometimes fun to hear what the religious think about humanity as a whole. Its usually something about everyone deserving to burn.

As for Issac, I'm not convinced by the whole "Issac went to gerar, which is totally different, the told people that his wife was his sister, which is different, and if he goes he gets as many offspring as there are stars,which, by the way, is totally differnt from the story with Abraham."

Seems just a bit suspicious.

Ima Lemming writes:


Assuming this isn't the result of a botched oral tradition, are we really supposed to believe Abimelech is dumb enough to fall for this again? From his previous scammer's son, no less?

Winterset writes:


But the real question is are we going to fast forward past the parts we've already heard twice?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Fan Girl Laura: Every now and then I hear stuff like that from religious people. It makes you wonder why they're still religious, but religions are more than just crazy beliefs. They're also support groups.

@Ima Lemming: No, no! This is totally true, the bible says so!

@Winterset: While it would certainly be easy to illustrate those section (just replace Abraham with Isaac), yes, we're skipping most of it!

Fan Girl Laura writes:


@TheAlmightyGuru: Yup grandma is still a believer she never misses church and I also asked her about that the whole going to church if she thinks that way... I was also a bit surprised by the answer she gave me "I go to celebrate what I believe in and you should go too you whore don't think I don't know crap. Go to church before the holy water starts to burn you." then she laughed and went to her room, prayed and fell asleep. I sat there confused my grandma called me a whore and by my sister's name... I don't think she knows who I was 0.0 XD lol

Ladyofthemasque writes:


Eventually, I'd love to purchase this as a graphic book, with the pink block commentaries from TAG included.

Anyone else interested?

melendur writes:


heck yes. This as a book would be very nice :D

Slade writes:


Well it could simply be that this is a hereditary condition for this family and they are forever besieged by famines that solicit them to sell their wives as their sisters....that would be one hell of a genetic malady wouldn't it?

TheVeR writes:


@Fan Girl Laura: I think your grandma is my new hero now >: D

I remember the good ol days when you could sell your sister/wife off, and win favor for it.

JFluffy writes:


seeing as they can do this about 3 times, and Jacob took his brothers inheritance for stew, obviously their incest-genetic mutation is mental control.


Oh the irony!