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Philistines again? Abraham supposedly dealt with them too, remember? However, archeological evidence shows that this is highly unlikely. The Philistine culture dates them back no further than 1200 BCE, but Isaac supposedly lived around 1800 BCE. Furthermore, the bible says that Moses, the supposed author of Genesis, died around 1550 BCE, so he couldn't possibly have written about them either. Genesis 26:13-16 should be updated to match known archeology, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

Even with Isaac lying about his wife, the Philistines still allow him to remain in their land for several years, proving that they're much more forgiving than everyone who fights for supreme control over the Middle East. However, it isn't until Isaac becomes even more wealthy (probably by exploiting the Philistines) that the Philistines get angry and demand he leave. You can tell that the bible was written by Hebrews because Abimelech says, and I quote, "Go from us, for thou art much mightier than we." Something tells me, if we were to hear this conversation from the side of the Philistines it wouldn't sound quite so flattering.

There is at least one difference between Isaac's trip and Abraham's trip. Apparently, Abimelech no longer feels it necessary to give a whole bunch of money and slaves to the guy that just lied to him before kicking him out. I guess that's progress.

As Isaac leaves, the Philistines fill in all of the wells that Abraham dug. Again, stupid! Wells are extremely important to these desert dwelling people. They wouldn't fill in the well, they would just start using the wells for themselves. My suspension of disbelief meter is off the charts!



Ray writes:


"They filled his wells". That sounds wrong....

Fan Girl Laura writes:


Well hmmm. Yup defenitly yaoi XD

Tmowlee writes:


Are you all thinking what I'm thinking? Erotic fan-fiction.
"And the Philistines knew Issac."

Winterset writes:


Err... "Go from us, for thou art much mightier than we."

If he's so much mightier then they were, how the hell were they giving him orders and trashing his wells? Not so much the likely scenario.

Also, TAG, " he couldn't have possibly have written...". Just pointin' it out.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Ray: Would it sound better if I reworded it to, "After they packed his fragile well full of their filthy mud, they threw him to the curb"?

Winterset: Fixed!


Oh the irony!