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With, Jacobs wanderlust unsated, he travels on to Edar. However, during the night he is awoken by the sound of his son Reuben and his concubine Bilhah having sex! A couple of quick points before I tell you how he punished them. First, the authors of the bible have referred to Bilhah as Rachels slave this whole time, but now she is finally called Jacobs concubine, all it took was for her to start having sex with someone else for the authors to remind us. Second, Reuben would have grown up with this woman his whole life. Though she doesnt have any biological connection to him, Bilhah would still be viewed as his step-mother. Are we looking at a Cinderella effect with Bilhah sexually abusing Reuben, or did Reuben have a bit of an Oedipus complex? Either way, this is a very naughty family!

Okay, so Jacob hears his son and his wife having sex, so what does he do? Nothing. Seriously, he doesnt do a damn thing about it! Right after the verse that describes his son and his wife going at it like teenage bunnies on crystal meth, we get a repeat of Jacobs lineage, too boring to illustrate. Either Jacob doesnt care enough to prevent someone from plowing his wife, or hes just overjoyed that Reuben finally got laid, even if it was a MILF.

I should also point out that, for a very brief time in Genesis 35:21-26, Jacob is called Israel, the new name that God gave to him. However, the very next time hes mentioned, hes back to being Jacob. So much for Godly omnipotence! A name change at a courthouse would have lasted longer than that!



Ray writes:


Well then. Having sex with your mom. Quite possibly the worst reason ever to pitch a tent.

Pointless number trivia: This comic's number is the number of days in a year!

Melendur writes:


... lovely.

Pointless number trivia: Except on a leap year, then its 366.

Baughbe writes:


Sounds like more Conservative Family Values to me.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Melendur: Your brain fixates on notable numbers as well? Don't you just love it when a digital clock reads 12:21? It's a palindrome!

Melendur writes:



Indeed. I also like it when a digital clock is 11:11 and the like simply because all of the numbers match. ;)

Sander the Great writes:


Jacob does nothing now but he just waiting for the right moment to get back at Reuben you know many years later as he is dying.

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Bryan Parker writes:


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