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Genesis 37:1-4 gets this well-known story started. Jacob is back in Canaan, which is described as the place where his father, Isaac, was a stranger. Of course, Isaac grew up in Canaan, so can we really call him a stranger to the land? Meh, details.

So, at the age of 17, Joseph comes in from the fields and tells his father that his brothers are being naughty. What they did is left unmentioned, all we’re told is that Joseph is a snitch, a rat, a stool pigeon; the kind of kid who gets his head flushed down the toilet in the locker room.

Jacob grew up in a family where his father favorited Esau, so he knows what it’s like to deal with that grief. He decided not to make the same mistake as his father by… playing favorites with his son. He gave Donny Osmond Joseph, an amazing technicolor dreamcoat a coat of many colors, much to the chagrin of his many brothers (but not, apparently, to his sister who doesn’t seem to exist anymore).

This pissed his brothers off something fierce, and you can pretty much figure out what’s about to happen because bible stories are amazingly predictable.



Baughbe writes:


Oh yeah, can't have people who do bad things actually get punished for it now can we? So lets put a big target on the snitch and send him out to the fields where Daddy can pretend he didn't see what happened.

Ima Lemming writes:


"but not his apparently not his sister who doesn’t seem to exist anymore"

I think you need to take out the first "not his".

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Fixed; thanks Ima!


Oh the irony!