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Not having any money on him at the time, Judah decides to pay his daughter-in-law the prostitute a young goat, a very high price for turning a single trick. His choice of a -goat- is a bit odd, since he has his entire flock of -sheep- with him in town. Was he purposely trying to cheat her out of payment? Tamar, already knowing her father-in-law is a lying sack of goat poo, doesn’t trust him, and demands collateral. So, Judah gives her his bracelets, his staff, and his personal signet.

This is more proof that these ancient Hebrew people don’t mind prostitution. For one, Tamar was dressed like a prostitute during the day, in plain view of the public—highly dangerous if prostitution were illegal. Two, Judah sees her veil and immediately recognizes her as a prostitute—if prostitution were scarce, he probably wouldn’t be so well schooled in the attire of prostitutes. Three, the two barter for the price of sex right there on the street—this would surely attract the attention of the local law enforcement if it were illegal. Four, if prostitution were illegal, Judah would never give a prostitute his signet because it would personally identify him as one of her clients. That’s like letting a drug dealer hold on to your driver’s license for awhile.

There is a fifth point that will be made tomorrow which really hammers my point home, but I think you see what I’m getting at.



Tallguy writes:


This whole section seems to be about "hammering the point home."

Ladyofthemasque writes:


"The hammer is his..."

(...Yeaaaah, I went there. But not for a stinkin' goat!)

Baughbe writes:


I love the family value of it all. "Hey son, your wife is really good in bed!" Talk about awkward family gatherings. Wait, it would only be awkward if they had any real morals, which they don't. I forgot we're talking about Biblical characters for a moment.

Ray writes:


"a very high price for a turning a single trick"

I think you used a as a word one to many times there, TAG. Specifically right before "turning".

Also, could someone explain what is wrong with prostitution. I wouldn't use prostitutes, & I have no objection to it being illegal, but it's illegality confuses me.

If a person wants to do X with their body, then why should they not be allowed?

If a person wants to injure themself, then I would let them be stupid/crazy. In my opinion, we don't need those kind of people.

And if a person wants to be payed to do sexual things, then let them, it's their fault if they don't use contraceptives!

I understand my topic is controversial, but why is prostitution illegal?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Ray: Thanks for the typo, and I agree with you about prostitution. There are several countries (the US included) that have legalized and regulated prostitution for certain places. When this occurs, prostitution is safe, mostly disease free, unwanted pregnancy free, and violence free.

Baughbe writes:


Prostitution is illegal because women whose sole goal is to get a man to support them for the rest of their lives don't want the competition.

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