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Chalk up another point against that “free will” thing everyone but God says God gave us. To summarize Romans 13:1-7 anyone in power was put there not by their kingly father’s death, an election, or a bloody coup, but by God. To oppose them is to oppose God, and you’re going to hell for it. So while the Westboro Baptists generally have a better idea than everyone else of what the Bible teaches (hatred), they should probably stop criticizing Obama. This also kind of conflicts with Moses trolling the ruler of Egypt - you know, the only thing from Exodus (coming soon to a Blasphemer’s Bible near you) anyone really cares about?

13:3-4 assures us that “rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil,” God only puts “ministers of good” into power, and they’ll only attack those that “doeth evil”. So yeah, all those Jews Hitler gassed and burned? All of them were totally evil.

Some of you might be wondering “Wait, isn’t the first criteria of the Antichrist to be a world leader? Who then fools the world and brings about the Apocalypse? Meaning God appointed and created the Antichrist?” That would be the case, except the Bible itself doesn’t actually say any of that.

On an unrelated tangent, I was on the fence as to whether the cat should be saluting the Hypnotoad or Atheismo, the god of atheists, but Bender’s Game was terrible so I went with the Hypnotoad. And please feel no need to point out that the one lemming isn’t actually doing the “heil Hitler” gesture.

- Codiekitty



Maju writes:


So when Paul himself was beheaded by Nero, Nero was doing God's work. So Christians (at least annoying ones like Paul) must be beheaded because the ruler appointed by God, Nero, taught us that with his example.

It's all crystal clear. I see the light now. Hail Stalin!

Baughbe writes:


So when the various kings of Europe insisted that they ruled by the power of god, they actually were reading the scriptures as they were written for once. Which brings to question then the matter of the unspoken war between the church and the royalty for much of the later middle ages. (See Thomas Moore) So the church was bucking the will of god...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Pointing out these gaping flaws will just cause believers to say you're just quoting out of context. Of course, they can never give you a proper context or explain why it doesn't apply, but that's irrelevant. The real issue is that the bible is perfect, and can't possibly have any contradictions with reality. If the bible ever appears to contradict reality, it is reality that is at fault.

Techs writes:


"Even the devil can quote scriptures". Mainly used by people who don't read scriptures when caught or confused by those that have. But also is an ancient reinterpretation of Matthew 4.
The Bard does a nice job:
The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness Is like a villain with a smiling cheek.
[1596 Shakespeare Merchant of Venice i. iii. 93]

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Techs: It's important to point out, that if the bible were truly perfect and the product of God, then it should be impossible to quote mine. If the verses all said positive things like, "Be excellent to each other," then even the Devil wouldn't be able to abuse it.

Ladyofthemasque writes:


*whimper* When are ya gonna start the next book, TAG? I'm missing my B's B fix...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I'm looking at getting back to comics on the first of July. Mark your calendars!

Baughbe writes:



Ladyofthemasque writes:


...The God of Webcomics is pleased by your news.


Ima Lemming writes:


Yeah, sorry I kinda dropped the ball on the guest comics. I really don't have a place to draw around the house, and when school got out I lost access the desks I was using there.

And Final Fantasy 8 hogged a lot of my free time the past two weeks.

And some family drama involving my whackjob half-brother has put a damper on my inspiration.

Katy writes:


Oooh, restarting the comic right before my birthday! I'll accept that as a birthday present! But the rest of you must pay tribute! ;-)

Ladyofthemasque writes:


Ima, I have enjoyed the comics you've done so far. I think a lot of us have. Thank you for posting them. :-)

Allanon6666 writes:


Yeah, great job with the comics, Ima. They've been really enjoyable. Don't worry too much about not churning them out on a regular basis (though I wouldn't mind a few more, lol).

someguy writes:


yeah thanks ima.

Ray writes:


Welp, I'm busy catching up on webcomics right now. Good to know that this comic will be resuming fairly soon. See you then, TAG! :)

NightFairy writes:


If anything thing was perfect, we'd destroy it anyway

NightFairy writes:


Ima- At least you chose a good game to loose time to.

Ima Lemming writes:


Actually, I did not care for FF8. All that grinding for items to make my weapons and constantly spending ten minutes in one battle Drawing the hell out of a monster got pretty old fast.

Baughbe writes:


Soon, so very soon....

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Hey folks, new comics are starting up again on Monday, the 4th of July!

Mr-know-it-all writes:



Uh, are you sure? Wasn't july the 4th a holiday up there or something?

Allanon6666 writes:


Sweet! Can't wait, though I'm a bit surprised that you'll be starting them on a holiday (you're form the US, right? Or am I just being an assuming american ass?).

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Yes, July 4th is the USA's independence day. However, I always make my comics a week in advance, so I'll be done with them before the holiday!

Don't for get to start voting again when the new comics come up!

Maju writes:


I already voted in advance. :)

Baughbe writes:


Where do I send in a write-in vote?


Oh the irony!