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In Exodus 1:8-10 a new pharaoh is appointed as sovereign ruler of Egypt. He notices that those Israelites in his land have become even stronger and greater in numbers than the native Egyptians, so he does what any good ruler would do. He schemes for a way to devastate (I’m not using the word “decimate” because it means to reduce by one tenth) their numbers so that they will never be able to take up arms against him. Hmm… while I disagree with his strategy, I kind of like where this story is going! For once we’re going to get a villain who is actually a bad guy instead all the other “villains” we’ve seen before (i.e., really nice guys who get taken advantage of by God’s chosen people).

However, this kind of throws a sabot in the gears of the ol’ time line. Jacob entered Egypt with just 70 people (or 75 according to Acts 7:14), and now his offspring have already surpassed the entire population of Egypt. How much time has passed? Surely this didn’t happen in the course of a single pharaoh’s life span? Why aren’t we privy to the interim pharaohs? Why is there nothing about how the Israelites assimilated into the Egyptian culture?



Baughbe writes:


Maybe it's because at the time there were only about a hundred or so Egyptians? Is that explanation brain dead enough for apologists?

Larqua writes:


Probably for a few of them Baughbe. ..maybe.

Perhaps a giant plague wiped out most of the eygyptians and the isrealites all had like. ...20 kids. ....yeah thats it.

Pointed out what I THINK is a typo on the last strip.

Yeshivakid writes:


Maybe it refers instead to a new dynasty of pharoahs, not just a single pharoah. Pharoahs did have a tendency to name their children after themselves at the time as well. So maybe it was a change in family surname that warranted note as "new"?

Yeshivakid writes:


Because if you think about it, a long-running family would understand where the Israelites came from and where they fit in the Egyptian society at that point. If someone new came along who was particularly patriotic and xenophobic from the start, he would naturally "fear" and pick on the foreigners.

Alternatively it could be in the same dynasty, but happened to be the angry rotten and nasty little brother phraroah who got picked on by his older brother pharoahs and he learned how to make examples out of people.

Or it could just be a badly written fictional story in dire need of a content editor.

Ladyofthemasque writes:


I vote badly written fictional story...and I am NOT volunteering to edit it.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Ladyofthemasque: Any editing is always seen as the work of the devil! Why bother?

Techs writes:


@ TheAlmightyGuru: Then the devil has been very, very busy with bibles (new testament) for a long time starting in the 4th century. Don't even want to think about the editing process of the Torah
On being nice to them to gain their respect and loyalty; History doesn't show many tyrants or business bosses doing that (did I repeat myself?).
I must point out it did work for me when I was a manager.

Ray writes:


I agree. It's good to see a genuine villain. Of course, Qasar is being silly telling him to take a "good" path to keeping his people in line; Never expect a villain to take good advice, much less a villain in the bible!


Oh the irony!