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Hi folks, sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled comic, but I would like to run an experiment. As many of you know, lurkers make up about 90% of the Internet. Lurkers being people who visit a site, but dont comment on it. To all of my lurkers, I want to say, WELCOME! Youve probably been reading along and following the various discussions weve had in the comments, and maybe you even vote from time to time. Im glad to have you all here, and I dont want you to feel pressured to become a regular poster, I love you just the way you are. In fact, I even love you the way you arent!

But if youre feeling adventurous, Id like to hear from you, nothing special, just a simple I exist! will do. In fact, today Id like to hear from everyone that reads this comic be you lurker, spammer, both, or neither. You can be completely anonymous, just tell me youre here.

So yes, thanks to everyone who reads, votes, and comments! And a special thank you to all my lurkers who remain hidden in the shadows (except for today, right?).

Also, for those of you who are keeping track, were about 1/4 of the way through Exodus already!



1234567890 writes:


I exist!

It would be very bad if every lurker wrote his/hers opinion. It would be like 10 times "Bible sucks"/"God will smite you" between quality comments. It's cleaner this way.

ImHere writes:


Yes I exist , and ive followed since the beginning. Always makes me smile and every now and then snicker.

german lurker writes:


Most times I am too appalled to comment anything useful - sorry!

The Old Testament isn't really relevant in my part of the world - so I dread the effort of translating it...

I really appreciate your effort and promise to vote for you from now on!

Kyle writes:


I am, in fact, here. If I had the time, I'd comment more often, but I don't see myself having significant amounts of free time in the foreseeable future. I'd also submit guest comics, but as it turns out I don't have enough artistic ability to draw a stick figure comic. I wish I was kidding.

Also, out of curiosity, at what point will we get to the New Testament? While I certainly enjoy seeing the older stories illustrated, there's still a lot of ground left to cover, and a large number of believers would write this all off as outdated (because it's totally plausible that God's infallible word suddenly changed 2000 years ago, but that the rest still applies today).

lina~ writes:


i exist!
and i love you, too <3
and from now on, i'll be a better fan and comment more often :)

Hase writes:


Signs of life here.

Nameless one writes:


I'm still here I'm just not very talkative

JL writes:


I exist and comment from time to time. Keep up the good work! :-)


AB writes:


I exist...or at least I think so

I participated a couple of times, so I'm not a total stranger

Love the comic, keep it up

TIgrrr writes:


hey - I vote regularly and have even commented once or twice. You rock!

Baughbe writes:


Horton? Are you there?

wolfie writes:


I'm here. I've been waiting for an opportunity for a first comment, and I guess this is a pretty good one. I only found your comic a month or so ago, through a friend.

JR writes:


I do read a lot, but don't like to comment

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every morning

someguy writes:


sporadic commenter. usually nothing usefull

One Brow writes:


I'm also a sporadic commenter.

cookiemonster writes:


coooookies omnomnomnomnom

RedFive writes:


Hi! I read every day, but I've only commented once or twice.

Eva Apple Eater writes:


Life-long atheist, long-time reader, frequent voter, first-time commenter. I love your work, TAG. Not everyone can pull of entertaining AND educational. Im going back to lurking now...

herbie writes:


I check the comics from time to time, as a chance to de-stress a bit. The cats like your work too.

heya writes:


I don't exist, yet I felt compelled to comment anyways. That's how great your comic is! Tanks for making it!!

Winterfall writes:


*checks pulse* well... the good news is, i exist... but i just may be a zombie... been reading almost a year now but i've only left a couple comments

lilith writes:


I read and vote regularly. :)

tallguy writes:


Longtime reader, rare poster, enjoying it all.

Agnos writes:


Longtime reader, voter and a very, very, very lazy poster. ;)

Monty writes:


You're a Floyd fan too, TAG? Awesome.

Some Hoser writes:


I exist, and vote regularly!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Wow! I'm overwhelmed! I knew I had some lurkers because the number of votes was higher than the number of regular posters, but I had no idea there were so many of you! Thank you so much for saying hello, you don't know how great and motivated that makes me feel!

Peace and Love!

uruguayan lurker writes:


I exist, and i appreciate the fact that you wanna hear that.

Lucifus writes:


HELLO! I read faithfully, but your right about the whole "Not commenting" thing. I shall try to fix that!

Larqua writes:


Not really sure whether or not to classify myself as a lurker or a regular poster. I tend to fade in and out and only post when I can actually think of something to say. Which is relatively rare really.

That, and I changed names halfway through the comic.

Fell Beast writes:


Hi! I exist. At least, I think I do.

John Bruce writes:


I exist. And I don't need your belief in me to prove it.

I came here because I was editing a story that contained a book called the Blasphemer's Bible, and I thought "I should warn the author if this is a real thing that already exists." And checking if it was real led me here.

Allanon6666 writes:


Still here and loving the comic.

rimecuka writes:


I exist and read every panel. I've also been checking your blog every day for about 2 years now (maybe 3?)

I used to comment on the comic (I actually made the first comment on the first panel) but now I just lurk, maybe its for the better.

Thanks for reading this, as I've read your words every day for years past and years more.

Willy Galleta writes:


I've been reading this for some months, but most times I read several pages at a time instead of one a day, when it updates.
That's why I don't leave a comment.

Also, there's that thing that I wouldn't add anything meaningful and that I speak inglis rather than english.

Keep the good work. I learned many things from this web and you keep posting good stuff. At least for what the theme is about, it turns out quite entertaining.

Happy anon reader day. I wonder what people will post here some years after.

Maju writes:



You, sir, name? writes:


I'm not here either.

Bobsbert writes:



MarcoPolo writes:


I think, therefore I am

Never wrote a comment before... feels good

jc writes:


I read, I vote, I rarely comment. You've created an amusing AND educational comic. Thanks!

Wolfgang writes:



someguy writes:


not to rain on your parade but since you dont have a sign up for comments isnt it possible that all these unique commenters are the same guy who really really likes you?

(i really like that i didnt have to create an account... i hate creating accounts, i just thought this was a funny thing to point out)

Richard writes:


The only one not chiming in to say he/she exists is god. Go figure.

PK Larry writes:


I'm here and I'm lurking. You're doing a great job pointing out the darker parts of the Bible in a way that really makes them understandable. When I read and studied the Bible growing up, we would gloss over the incredible evil that God and his followers did.

I'm glad you don't.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@someguy: Yeah, since everybody here is pretty civil, I haven't bothered with forcing accounts. I hope to never have to. However, I can see the IP address of everyone posting, and unless someone is using a sophisticated IP spoofer, these are all from unique people all over the world.

Core Deep writes:


Lurking since the end of genesis. I love the comic, especially the amount of effort you put into researching your subject matter (something I loathe to do myself).
I have never ranked comics here before, but I think I might start now.

989fox989 writes:


I think, therefore I am. Anyways I love your comic so much and have started following for about a year now. You have given me such an insight into the bible and it's horrors. Thank you.

tussock writes:


I'd have said something, but I was away. Never mind.

Sewerrat writes:


I have been here since the beginning. However i usually don't have time to read all of your essays so they sit and accumulate in my rss-reader.

HallyAllison writes:


I EXIST! Love your comic, this is the first time ive commented, but i relly appreciated you writing this!

Maggie writes:


Hi TAG! I, too, am a lurker, but mainly because I read about a month's worth of posts at a time. ^_^ But I really enjoy this comment and tell friends about it.

NightFairy writes:


I read along with Winterfall, we often talk about your comic, and sometimes use it to armor ourselves agains vicious bible thumpers that dont read their own bible. Thanks for keeping it up!

i'm surrounded! writes:


Possibly late, but I lurk from time to time.

I thought about spamming, but that might give away my position :P

TBman writes:


I'm back ! :)

Katelyn Cabe writes:


Is having an existential crisis... Do I exist in the "world" as I see it, or do I exist only in my imagination? Do I exist, really, at all? Maybe I'm part of some greater being's imagination.... meh. Too lazy to think about it too hard. I'm here, whether I technically exist or not.

Revok writes:


I Exist

Evocative Envoy writes:


yes i am here

whoever writes:


I exist, but I sure hope that God doesn't.

Sander the Great writes:


Here just 2 years late

Great Tiger writes:


Two years and I just found this lulzmine... Reading since Genesis... should be studying but can't stop... lab monitor have ugly face so kill him. Tasty.


NapalmEagle writes:


I'm a lurker

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weirdo writes:


3 years later...


Arabian prince writes:


I exist! Four years later!


Oh the irony!