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The Desert of Sin instantly earns the honor of Best Name Ever! This is precisely the kind of place you’d expect a party of heroes to have to slog through in an epic fantasy story. The name is even fitting to the story, since it is in this desert that the Israelites are sinning against God! Just like naming a place with bitter water, “bitter”, this desert is so named, “sin,” right? Well, no.

In this case, “Sin” is not an English word, but a Biblical Hebrew word that has purposely been left untranslated. Why, you ask? Because it’s a proper name. Okay, so who is this desert named after? It turns out, it’s the Semitic god of the moon! Yes, Sin is just another one of those gods believed by the early Hebrews. It’s interesting how the bible doesn’t bother to mention this. Even the NIV, which tends to add footnotes for every untranslated word, is abnormally silent here. It’s almost as if they’re purposely hoping people will just think it’s the English word for being naughty so they won’t have to address the fact that the early Hebrews believed in other gods. Tsk-tsk, how disingenuous!

Anyway, in Exodus 16:1-8, the Israelites, once again, prove their unwavering faith by wishing they would have been killed by God in the Egyptian plagues, so at least then they would have died with food in their bellies. What?! Sorry, I’m calling bullshit on that. These people have personally witnessed God perform dozens of miracles, and yet they they still grumble? Well, maybe I can see where they’re coming from, I mean, so far, all of God’s miracles have involved massive amounts of agonizing death. They have no reason to believe that God is even capable of a beneficial miracle.

So, God tells Moses that he will cause bread to rain from the heaven (another instance of heaven being in the sky). Moses tells the millions of Israelites this, and then follows it up with one of the most abused lines in the history of religion. He tells the Israelites, that if they complain, they’re not complaining to him, they’re complaining to God (and therefore committing blasphemy). Preachers all over the world use this same line to manipulate their followers into doing all sorts of terrible things. A poor church-goers doesn’t want to tithe away the money they’re saving for medicine? Tell them they’re going against the Lord. A teenaged girl doesn’t want to be defiled by her youth pastor? Tell her she’s preventing God’s will. Preachers can get away with anything if their followers are sufficiently frightened from the retaliation of God.

None of this is in the movie.



TheAlmightyGuru writes:


If you're wondering why this comic is the same as yerterday's, it's because I accidentally posted today's yesterday. It's fixed now, so go back and see what you missed yesterday.

Baughbe writes:


"None of this is in the movie." The more often I see that line, the more I want to make a movie.

Ima Lemming writes:


When I saw this, I was all "Wait, what? Didn't this happen before? Is TAG so sick of pointing out the Bible repeating itself that he's just given up?" Then I went back a page and thought "Wait, what? When did I miss this comic?"

Fess up, TAG, you're just screwing with us, trying to make us think your comic is bewitched so we'll all go running to a confession box and beg for forgiveness for our blasphemy.

Ima Lemming writes:


And now my post goes between the two older ones, instead of at the bottom! What are you doing, man?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Now it's at the top where it belongs.

Richard writes:


A 'true to the bible' series of movies would be pretty epic... if confusing. It would appeal to the same audience that loves the Saw movies.

Samael writes:


XD Not to mention it'd probably go a long way toward destroying faith in the religion. Imagine the backlash as millions of Christians cry how perverse and gory the movie is and how it has nothing to do with their religion -- and then you feed them the actual lines showing, yes, it really IS that bad.


Oh the irony!