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Another rule broken by God’s chosen people, and right after he told them they would all be safe if they obeyed him. Maybe God should have backed the Egyptians. At least their people knew how to take orders.

Exodus 16:22-30, tells us how the Israelites finished off their week. On the sixth day, God tells Moses to tell everyone that they may gather two days worth of food instead of one, as they must rest on the Sabbath. Yes, we’re still clinging to that lame rule of no work on the Sabbath. Why can’t you work on the Sabbath? Because you just can’t. It’s a stupid arbitrary law that the authors of the bible thought was important, even though every fiber of rationality says otherwise.

I have another problem with the way God handles things here too. Why does he only speak to Moses? Such a concept is totally foreign to modern Christianity where everyone is expected to have a personal relationship with God. In fact, the phrase “Personal Relationship With God” yields over 8 million hits on Google. So, why do these millions of Israelites have to hear about God second-hand in such an impersonal way? If God is all-powerful, surely he can plant this message into the minds of everyone?

I mean, it’s not like Moses can speak loud enough so all 2,000,000 can hear him anyway. Moses would have to tell the leaders of every tribe, who would have to tell the leaders of each sub-group, which would have to tell each family head, which would have to tell each individual. This is a game of Telephone waiting to happen. God probably started with the phrase, “Be excellent to each other!” and by the time it reached humans ears, it was perverted into, “Eat lichen covered with bug crap, but not on Sundays!”

None of this is in the movie.



Richard writes:


I wonder what "Party on, Dudes!" turned into.

Samael writes:


"Thou shalt not wear a kilt."

someguy writes:


the Israelite reaction only makes sense if they believe they are following a couple of charlatans who managed to con their way out of Egypt after stealing all their friends jewelry in the wake of a volcanic eruption.

other mythologies from around the world have characters who constantly do stupid things. Its the authors way of making a point. I just don't see why the bible authors have to make the same point over and over and over. no faith in the intelligence of their readers?

whoever writes:


someguy: Well, people who would believe in bible after reading it aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, so it might be necessary.


Oh the irony!