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In Exodus 29:10-14, God shows his true colors. The slaughter is quite gruesome, and fully detailed. First, the soon-to-be priests must lay their hands on the head of the young bull, but this friendly contact is just a tease. The very next instruction is to butcher the poor animal right in front of the tabernacle’s entrance so God can appreciate it.

Then, some of the blood is collected and smeared onto the brass horns of the sacrificial grill, and all of the rest of the blood is poured around the bottom. Next, the bull is eviscerated, and the major organs are thrown onto the grill to be burned for God. In particular, the liver, the kidneys, and all of the fat around them is incinerated. The remainder of the bull—it’s muscle tissue, hide, and digestive organs—are taken outside of the tabernacle walls and burned in a less particular manner, as a sin offering to God. Can you imagine the horrible stench of these Hebrew tabernacles?

This practice is both sick and twisted to the extreme. Slaying an animal just to burn it’s body into nothingness is wasteful, and the idea that an animal, a scapegoat, can bear the sins of a person is an affront to the justice we striven for as a race. The very idea that there is a god, or even a person out there that would condone such a practice disgusts me.

These are the actions of a psychopathic killer, but we’re just getting warmed up. God has many more horrors planned.



Richard writes:


Reading this brought a certain movie clip to mind. Try to guess which one it is before you click it, and post what you guessed.

Maju writes:


I just hope someone gets to eat the barbecue...

What's about smearing blood on the altar? Do modern Jews still do that?

Baughbe writes:


A lot of the greusome acts have been turned symbolic. But still...
Anyway we have a long way to go before we get to my favorite symbolic act that finally turned me off from "The Faith"

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I'm reminded of Dan Aykroyd's version of Julia Child... Always save the liver!

Sherni writes:


I had to be eating when I read this...
But didn't this God create all animals? If I were a god, I would not want my creations to be slaughtered and mutilated like this. And not even for food! This is just plain savagery. Maybe God has decided to punish all humans, but what did the poor animals do?

Sharkie writes:


You also forget, if God is all knowing, all seeing, and everywhere at once, why does he need a bull killed 'before him' since anywhere you kill a bull, he could see it. With also makes you wonder why he would appear on a mountain, and kill anyone that 'sees' him, unless its Moses, or 80 other people.

Richard writes:


That has an easy answer, Sharkie. It is a myth and the people were buying snake oil. Still are.

Ima Lemming writes:


I wonder how they're supposed to get the blood stains out of those expensive priest garments. Or do they get a new set every time they do this?

Sharkie writes:


That is not what they did, they would right after, before it stains, bath with a bunch of dudes again, as the unnamed women cleaned it.


Oh the irony!