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Donít get your hopes up, while Exodus 32:1 starts to continue the story, you know it canít last for long.

Letís just recap what happened at the end of Exodus 24 from the perspective of the Israelites in the camps at the base of the mountain. Moses reascends with the 70 elders, including Joshua and Aaron. Shortly there after, Aaron and those elders involved in disputes return to the camps, but the bulk of them remain up the mountain. For the next six days there is a thick cloud covering the mountain which Moses has ascended into. Then, on the seventh day, there is a horrible devouring fire that is seen by everyone around. And then nothing. The elders donít come down, Moses doesnít come down, everything is silent. A total of forty days goes by, and nothing.

Now, when the average person sees someone climbing to the top of an active volcano, and the climber is not seen for 40 days, the person would probably declare the climber deceased. But the Israelites have watched God perform miracle after miracle, and in spite of their fears, God always saved them. Theyíve bore witness to his awesome power and fortitude time and time again. So, if anyone is to have faith in God by now, you know itís the Israelites! They wonít give up on God, their faith is unwavering, theyÖ actually, they turn coat and demand Aaron build them a new god. *sigh*

Actually, wait a minute. Moses was up on the mountain for 40 days? But there are only about 6,500 words of dialog from the 36 day period after God shows up to the point when Moses descends. That translates to about 183 words a day. Is God an ent? Surely we must be missing several chapters of dialogue! Did God say his piece in five minutes and then Moses just twiddled his thumbs for next 35.9 days? Even if you combine all the dialogue from both trips up the mountain, and God spoke at a snailís pace, you could cover everything in a single afternoon. Whatís with the padded number? Are we harkening back to the 40 days of flooding?



Baughbe writes:


No, the rest of the time was just god repeating himself over, and over, and over, and over... It's a basic mind control technique. Obsessive repetition until the subject finally gives up. Then you can convince them of incredible bullshit.

Sharkie writes:


Moses probably lost track of time when he ran out of food, because no one could enter the mountain(Other then him and like 70 other people) and spent the next 30 days sneaking around the mountain, picking off all the elders.
And of course the bull shit piles up. No one is dumb enough, after viewing dozens of 'miracles' to say.
"Hey, you know that evil and hate filled loving god of ours, which we saw lots of proof of, lets fuck him over and worship something else, cause Moses is dead and its time to paaaaarty!"

Richard writes:


The reason they keep 'abandoning' god at every opportunity is pretty clear. They realize that that god is a total douche an hope that one day they will be right and the dipshit will finally forget about them and go chasing after a shiny.

It is like trying to ditch a retarded lion that can't decide if you are friend or food.

Sherni writes:


And they finally show some spine! But they really should have left the mountain if they were trying to ditch Moses and their nutcase god. They may not have got too far, but god's powers (and attention span) have been proven to be very patchy. They might just have got away with it. Escaping god is probably easier than escaping the Grudge.


Oh the irony!