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Okay, a few problems with Exodus 32:7-8. First of all, while speaking to Moses, God calls the Israelites, “your people,” indicating that Moses is their owner. Okay, maybe he’s just saying that Moses is their leader, but I still don’t agree with the phrasing. Obama may be the president of my country, but I would never call myself one of Obama’s people. And if there is a god out there forcing me to belong to someone else, screw that!

Second, in the more modern translation of the New International Version, God tells Moses that the Israelite have said, “these are your gods,” still using the plural form. However, I noticed that the NIV has a footnote which reads, “or This is your god,” (this also applies to the earlier use of the word “gods”). To me, this demonstrates that the translation is not as accurate as the KJV likes to pretend.

Finally, as I said before, if the stone tablets contain the Ten Commandments, like they do in the movie, then the Israelites have not yet seen them. And if they haven’t seen them, then they’re not yet aware that making idols is a sin, and therefore cannot be guilty of the crime. And this isn’t a case of being ignorant of the law. Any well run society makes it easy for civilians to see and understand the law of the land (I do not count the United States of America in this category because the laws are very cryptic and not made readily available). But as I said, this isn’t a case of the Israelites not making the effort to read the law, they couldn’t possibly know this law, even if they wanted to. Any ruler who keeps the law a secret and then punishes people for breaking the secret law, is an awful and unjust ruler!



Sherni writes:


So god is not only being unjust, he is also not making sense. *shrugs* What's new?

Ladyofthemasque writes:


Just saw a .gif ad online that says in two parts: "Does God Love You?" "Yes, and He Has a Plan For You."

Given the context of the God we're seeing in The Blasphemer's Bible...I'm gonna hafta pass, God; kthxbai!


Sharkie writes:


This one page sums up basicly every obivious proof that the Bible is pure crap.

Samael writes:


After all the lavishly expensive garments and meat Aaron and his priesthood are supposed to be receiving, I feel like this was interjected later on as an argument in favor of not wasting so many resources on the priesthood.

"But look! Moses and God turned their backs on Aaron for half a minute and he started worshiping cattle!"


Oh the irony!