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Yes, Exodus 36:8Ė38-20 is nearly 2,000 words of poorly-worded blueprints and theyíre nearly identical to the overly detailed instructions we read back in Exodus 25Ė27. To make matters worse, we havenít even gotten to the repeat of Aaronís uniform.

So many people are quick to point out that the bible is wonderful literature, and while Iíll admit that there are some good parts (Ecclesiastes, for example), there is a huge amount of chaff in this wheat. If you were to eliminate all the useless instructions, the repetition, the genocide, and lineages, I admit that what remains would be really interesting, but it would also be really short. REALLY short!

I wonít bore you with the details of these couple chapters. In fact, Iím not even going to bother comparing all the various dimensions and weights to see if the bible made yet another mistake. Even if they donít add up, who really cares? Nobody is going to leave their religion because of a typo, and nobody is going to believe an author who can get two sets of blueprints to jive was divinely inspiried.



TAFKA 1 writes:


"All the best literature is padded!"

Aye, but isn't it? Otherwise your left with nothing more than a synopsis.

I'm not defending the bible, though. Just the statement.

TAFKA 1 writes:


Still though, I would like to see an abridged bible, for the casual reader. That would be very nice, and very easy in this day and age.

I would have thought that such a thing must already exist, but after searching for it, I could not find anything.

If anyone over here wants to make me look like an idiot by posting a link they found in eight seconds, it would be greatly appreciated.

Actually, now that I think about it, that's a good question for Reddit.

Baughbe writes:


A short, clear and consice version of the Bible: Boy that would get so many people mad!

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Children's bibles are usually abridged, although they tend to take out all the good genocide bits.

However, I do own a Precious Moments bible which contains all the rape and murder of the original with adorable illustrations of the major stories. It's hilarious!

Ima Lemming writes:


What happened to the old set of golden crap? Was it all melted down into the golden calf?

Ima Lemming writes:


Okay, bad wording - by "golden crap" I didn't mean the poo being used to build this set.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Nothing was actually built the first time around. God was just telling Moses what to build. I guess I shouldn't have illustrated it at that point, but I really didn't want to skip all of that stuff and wait until now. Perhaps if I ever do a book, I'll re-order it.

Sherni writes:


What was the point of all that description? Or is supposed to be a handbook for all the things that need to be made?


Oh the irony!