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Leviticus 2 takes an interesting approach. So far in the bible, all of the brutal sacrifices for God must be made from young supple living animals that are messily slaughtered. But here we’re seeing the ritual evolve into a more civilized process. The Israelites are now allowed to bring tender chunks of veal and lamb precooked in high-quality unleavened flour, oil, and frankincense.

These yummy oblations are to be burned to a cinder for God. Of course, this would be a huge waste of good meat, so God tells the Israelites that Aaron and his sons (the priestly class) may take a portion of these delectables for themselves to eat. How generous! This was already talked about in Exodus, but this is the first time it’s mentioned that the people have to prepare the meal themselves.

Now, I think the truth to this con is pretty transparent to everyone reading. The priests were getting tired of having to slaughter and cook their own steak dinners, so they convinced the working class to prepare the meals for them. Of course, it isn’t all fun and games for the priests. Sure, they convinced the Israelites to cook them fresh veal and lamb every day, but God says they’re not allowed to put honey on these steaks, so that’s pretty rough. At least, Leviticus -says- God told them that. I wonder if that was just the coping mechanism the guilt-stricken priests used to justify their unending train of free steaks—like a bank robber tithing some of his ill-gotten gains.

Two chapters done in only two comics? This book is flying by!



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Gotta love the parts of the bible that seem almost like the ruling class was running some sort of sca-

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Hurray, more scamming attempts. Couldn't they have made it a little less obvious?

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Wait, who puts honey on steak?

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That's what I was wondering too, then I looked it up on Over 4000 recipes for meat and honey, who would have thought?

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Wow, that's a lot of cholesterol! Welcome back Guru.


Oh the irony!