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In Leviticus 15:13-15, God once again explains how to clean a man who is already clean. Simply wait a week after the “issue” stops, then the man must bathe in running water and wash his clothes. As usual, this is terrible advice. For one, bathing in running water isn’t exactly hygienic to people living downstream! Second, washing should be done routinely, and even more often when there is a sickness present to help prevent transmission, but God never tells the sick to wash, and instead implies that they shouldn’t even attempt to do so until a week after they’re healthy. Can you imagine a doctor giving you this advice? Their malpractice insurance would be through the roof!

Next, God commands that all men who have an issue in their flesh must kill and burn two birds (doves or pigeons) as an atonement for their issue. One as a burnt offering, the other as a sin offering, implying that having an “issue” is a sin. If you catch gonorrhea through marital infidelity, I can understand how it would be called a sin, but what about those people who acquire it from being raped? Now you’re just throwing salt in the wound. Little Billy was raped by his uncle who gave him an STD? Well, let’s all remind him how evil he is for allowing that to happen!

And to be clear, gonorrhea rarely just get’s better on its own, and even if the disease has gone asymptomatic, you still have it! This means that, rather than give the Israelites penicillin, God has essentially given them a very slow death sentence!



TroubleTrouble writes:


God is such a sadistic SOB. He definitely enjoys inflicting physical and emotional abuse even on his chosen people. Providing useful information would reduce the pain and suffering. That would certainly not do for this GOD. I think GOD has a bit of the devil in him. And yet people still delude themselves into thinking this is a loving god.

Dixieland Delight writes:


Sadly, people who call themselves Christians overlook these passages by saying that we can't understand what God meant (so why put it in the bible?) Or by saying that the old testament was done away with Christ and the new testament (so why put it in the bible?) More of that confirmation bias.


Oh the irony!