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Just so I’m not picking on the Republicans: Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, John Edwards, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are all known cheaters as well. It turns out, adhering to a particular political ideal doesn’t make you any less of a cheater, even if you’re constantly claiming that your political system makes superior moral family men. However, when it comes to politicians trying to force biblical “moral” standards and “family” values, it’s usually the Conservatives pride themselves on what they think is biblical adherence.

Adultery shows a lack of integrity. If you’re not the kind of person who can commit to a single person, maybe you shouldn’t have promised eternal commitment in the first place. On the other hand, with all the pressure that is put on people to get married early in life, prior to them really understanding who they are, it’s understandable why it happens so much. Not to mention the taboo on divorce that discourages couples from parting even long after the love is gone.

Marital infidelity has been a problem since the dawn of marriage, and it might be related to the genetic male desire to spread his gametes as much and as often as possible. However, ever since we evolved consciousness, biology stopped being an excuse for bad decision making.

While I believe that a lot of cheating could be curbed if people were given formal lessons in self-control, I wonder if a big part of the problem is with modern culture trying to force everyone into a single male-female coupling. Humans have tried all sorts of different combinations including polygamy, open marriage, and even group marriage. Each of these alternate groupings have only enjoyed limited success, though this may be because they’re often forbidden by law and religion, not because these situations are inherently bad at forming a cohesive family unit. A lot of research has shown that two parents are better than one, but hardly any has been conducted to see if three or four is better than two in an environment where the culture doesn’t frown on it.



0123456789 writes:


And where the culture doesn't frown on it? It's not easy to create an alternate civilization for the sake of an experiment.

Maju writes:


Hunter-gatherer marriage and divorce is easy, never mind that they usually do not have fixed rules, so poligamy of every sort is also an option. That's the natural state of marriage: extremely flexible.

Among the Hadza for example life-long marriage is the exception, not the rule.

JL writes:


There's a people in Tibet that practice a lesser known form o polygamy: women marry brothers - the more the better. :-)
It's actually frowned upon when a man doesn't marry the same woman his (older) brother did.


Baughbe writes:


The problem may be that any culture tends to impose one form of union over others. However while single life long marriage is fine for Joe; for Sue, Will and Martin the best course is Poligamy; Ethel and Herbert best do with Open Marriage and good ol Jeremy enjoys a different one on one partner every few years (mostly because that's about as long as anyone can put up with him). However having options makes it harder to control people and keep them in neat little boxes and encourages them to think and consider options. Something no power structure wants under any circumstances.

The First Hand writes:


Remember that this is only about a married woman. I'm assuming that this is done because the woman's husband was dishonored. He owns her and someone is literally f#%*ing with his property. By allowing it to happen she is proven to be unworthy to be his wife so kill her too.

A married man having sex with an unmarried woman isn't prohibited here.

By the way, I sure hope this doesn't mean any man having sex with a married woman should be executed. It would make wedding night a little less fun if you looked forward to execution in the morning.

Maju writes:


What fun is a marriage without an execution in the morning?! XD

The Thousand and One Nights would never have been written without that kind of "fun"...

Anonymous writes:


It's more than just the "women are property" thing too. It's all about the inheritance blessing. Jacob and Esau showed us that a father can only properly bless his son once, and if that son happened to come from another man's, then he's throwing away all his divine favor upon an usurper. Not only do we get commandments to kill anyone who does this, but when we reach Numbers, we'll see an even worse example of what can happen if the man even so much as SUSPECTS his wife of cheating on him...

All that power and responsibility bestowed upon testicles and whoever sticks their hand under them! Scary.


Oh the irony!