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In Numbers 7:6-9, Moses divvies up the oxen and carts among the other three Levite families. Gershonís family received two wagons and four oxen to carry all the cloth, skins, and rope and Merariís family received four wagons and eight oxen to carry all the fence and tent poles. This was seriously overkill, as all of that stuff could fit into a single wagon, but whatever.

Kohathís family, however, received nothing at all. All of the furniture was fitted with poles to be carried on their shoulders. Again, this isnít that big of a deal since there are only five pieces of furniture and thousands of Kohathites, but whereís the fairness here?

The bible doesnít explain why the Kohathites must carry everything manually. Is this a punishment? Did they do something wrong? Commentators have explained this by saying that the furniture was too holy to be carried in a cart, but why is a candelabra so much holier than the veil of the Ark? Why is the table more holy than the table cloth? In fact, later in 2 Samuel 6:3, the Ark is being transported via a cart, and while God smites someone for touching it, he doesnít seem to mind that itís being transported on a cart.



anonymous writes:


I love this webcomic. I am now successfully trolling a person who is trying to selectively cite the Old Testament to support his argument by citing the Old Testament to defeat his argument.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@anonymous: I hope I've given you ample ammunition!

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