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In Numbers 8:12, God explains that an atonement must be made for all of the Levites, and this is to be done by sacrificing two bulls. These two animals will atone for all the sins of the entire tribe, a population estimated at around 100,000 people. This concerns me because elsewhere in the bible God demands similar sacrifices for the sin of a single person. In fact, if we are to use the amount of animals to be slaughtered as a measurement for how bad a sin is, then a single person being accidentally infected with leprosy is worse than every sin of all the Levites combined. Two animals for the Levites, three animals for leprosy.

These bizarre atonement types are all over the bible. For example, while you have to kill three animals from getting a skin infection, if a man has sex with a slave woman who is engaged to another man, only one animal must be sacrificed. How many animals must be sacrificed when a man has sex with a woman who is menstruating? None, they’re banished for eternity. How many animals must be sacrificed when a child curses their parent? None, the child must be executed.

Like I said, these punishments are poorly weighted!



Maju writes:


Human Rights, equality, etc. are not in the Bible. Privileges, extremist patriarchy and other despicable nonsense are. Who is the Devil? The Bible doesn't say but it should be clear by now that his name is Yaveh.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


This is also good evidence against the claim that "all sins are the same to God."

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