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Sigh, boring times are here again. In Numbers 8:13-21, God explains how ever since he murdered thousands and thousands of people back in Egypt, all the Levites have become his personal property. You know, life debts only count if you actually save the personís life, and even then, they only count if the person agrees to honor said debt. But if all you do is save them from slavery just to put them back into slavery, you canít expect anyone to be impressed.

Of course, being a slave of God isnít so bad. Practically no work, free premium food, you spend your day lounging around in perfumed air and marrying virgins. Of course, if you ever do anything wrong, youíll be burned at the stake, but thatís true for most Israelites. God also reminds all the Israelites that their first born are also slaves unto him and they must slaughter every first born animal.

The only new tidbit of information we learn is that, as long as the Levites are near the tabernacle, no plague will strike the Israelites. This kind of makes you wonder why God spent several chapters explaining how to deal with a plague of skin diseases, but then perhaps he referring only to plagues that he will personally inflict upon them for disobeying his orders? Of course, those of you familiar with the bible know that it doesnít matter one way or the other, horrible plagues are in the future.

The last part of this passage is the narrator saying that the Levites were purified, their clothes were washed, and they were made to be atonements to God. This so exciting I could just yawn.



Ladyofthemasque writes:


...Are we there yet? Are we at the end of the book? Are we there yet, huh huh huh?

*dodges having Deuteronomy thrown at her along with Numbers, by TAG*

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