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I probably should have warned you ahead of time, but if you’re eating, you may want to wait before reading Numbers 12:11. Even though Miriam and Aaron are both guilty of the same crime, God has chosen to punish Miriam with a life-threatening illness, while leaving Aaron unscathed, an example of God’s impartial justice. Women, it seems, are either incapable of solving their own problem, or not allowed to address God, so it is Aaron who beseeches God to prevent his sister from rotting away like a stillborn infant. Interesting choice of words, They imply that it is entirely expected for God to slowly murder people by rotting away their flesh. And in the same vein, what does it say about God’s opinion of smiting the unborn?

To deal with the obvious unfairness of God’s punishment, apologist tend to invent some unwritten crime that Miriam must have executed, for why else would God punish her more severely? Surely not the same overt racism apparent in the men who wrote the bible! But this style of self-deception is necessary to all true believers. The problem with starting with your conclusion is that any and all evidence to the contrary must somehow be explained away. Now, if you somehow stumbled upon the truth of the universe, then this is okay, but remember, yours is only one of billions of different “truths.” For everyone else, their faith will only keep them ignorant until they die.



Sander the Great writes:


I don't understand how women can believe the bible. I mean it clearly hates them.

Baughbe writes:


Self hatered is a big thing, especially in Western society. Genders, races, social groups, pretty much anyway you can define yourself, there are a surpising number of people who will work against thier own self definition. And all the time having convinced themselves thay are working for the better, rather than being self destructive.

Monty writes:


Same reason there's gay Republicans. Or female Republicans, for that matter. Or minority Republicans...let's just say any Republican that isn't an old rich white straight male Christian. People are really good at not thinking about what the groups they support are actually doing.


Oh the irony!