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Iím sorry, but this is just getting stupid. Every, single, time, there is even a slight hiccup in the plan, the Israelites threaten to murder Moses, denounce God, and run back to Egypt. The home of the people who just lost all of their crops because of the Israelite god. And all their livestock. And got covered with festering diseases from plagues of parasites. And lost the lives of all of their first born! Oh yeah, Iím sure theyíre going to welcome the Israelites back with open arms!

So, in Numbers 14:1-10, after hearing the report of the scouts, all the Israelites cry like pansies, and even though they have a blood-thirsty god on their side who loves killing people, and really wants to kill the Canaanites, they cower in the dark. No, no, no! A thousand times no! Egypt had probably the most powerful army in the world, and God made short work of them all the while sparing the Israelites from the plagues, but for some reason, a few scattered Canaanites living in a few scattered cities makes them wet themselves? This is just too unbelievable, even for the standards of the bible! Either the Israelites are the stupidest people in the history of the world, or there is something wrong with the bibleís story.

Oh yes, and even though there was no mention of Joshua agreeing with Caleb earlier, suddenly heís right at his side, wishing to invade along side him, and rending his clothes out of fear of a pissed off deity. He better too, because even Moses and Aaron are falling on their faces now!



Arashikou writes:


Wait, Mr. Most Humble Most Holy Only One Who Can See God is suddenly among those who want to flee to Egypt? Did the Bible just change which character it gives undue preferential treatment to?


Oh the irony!