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It’s just not getting any better, is it? The glory of God appears to the masses and talks to Moses. God asks why these people continue to provoke his ire after having seen so many devastating miracles. I would like to know that myself! Unlike the other times when God was surely going to kill them all, this time God is surely going to kill! He decides to wipe them out with disease, and then he’s going to cut them out of the real estate contract. But hold on now, since the Israelites kept up their part of the contract (what with the foreskins and all), doesn’t that mean that God would default?

Not that it matters, Moses can manipulate God into doing whatever he wants. Case in point, Moses tells God that Egypt will hear what happens to the Israelites, and if they’re all wiped out at the edge of Canaan like this, Egypt will think that God wasn’t powerful enough to bring them out safely. Furthermore, there are now many other nations aware of God leading the Israelites through the desert, and they will all think God is too weak to get his chosen race to Canaan.

Now, if God was a teenager desperately hoping to impress the seniors, maybe this poor attempt at scaring him into changing his mind would work. But this isn’t some depressed sycophant who thinks his self-worth is directly related to how many asses he can kiss, this is the all-knowing god of the universe! Gods aren’t supposed to suffer from low self-esteem, so telling them that the other children are gonna laugh at him shouldn’t work! Well, it turns out that God isn’t really that different from the Greek gods, with his incredibly human frailties. The moment God hears Moses talking about disapproval from the other nations God decides not to wipe them all out. How’s that for an unchanging uncompromising God?

To take the manipulation even further, Moses reminds God that he is a just lord, and that he doesn’t let doubters go unpunished. In fact, he’s so just (how just is he?), he’s so just, that he punishes the children, grandchildren, and even the great-grandchildren of a sinful man! Now that is justice!

Due to a recent business trip, I didn’t have time to finish up this week’s comics, so please be satisfied with the three this week. Back to normal next week.



Ladyofthemasque writes:


3rd paragraph, 3rd line, should probably read, "...kiss, he is the..." instead of "the is".

...Did you have a good trip? I'm taking one tomorrow, myself. :-)

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Thanks Lady!

As good a trip as one can have teaching people how to use a computer in the back of a warehouse in frozen Iowa. Hope yours is better!


Oh the irony!