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EVERY! FREAKING! TIME! This is just the most stupid unbelievable story ever written! God proves himself to be unfathomably powerful and vindictive, yet every single time he tells the Israelites to do or not do something, they disobey him—every single time!

Here in Numbers 14:39-45, after having just told them that they may not enter the Promised Land until after 40 years of wandering because they disobeyed God’s direct order, they decide to go on with the invasion into the Promised Land, thereby disobeying God’s direct order. Then, Moses, a prophet who speaks for God, warns them that since they no longer have God’s favor, they will surely lose. But no, they don’t believe God or his messenger, so they go right ahead and invade anyway without Moses or the Ark of the Covenant. Naturally, they are routed by the Amalekites and Canaanites. An untold number of Israelites are killed and they are forced to retreat all the way to Hormah.

Now I can understand telling a tale to a child as a learning tool: a naughty character disobeys their parents, something bad happens, and through this cautionary tale, a valuable moral lesson is learned. But this is far beyond a cautionary tale. The Israelites aren’t people who learn lessons, they are caricatures of the worst sort. Every time God tells them to do something, they literally do the exact opposite! The authors of the bible, in their arrogant attempt to teach us a moral lesson, have completely eliminated all humanity from the Israelites and made them impossible to relate to. They’re like villains in a B-movie—evil because they’re evil, because they’re evil.



Belg writes:


Welll what do you know, the spys god just killed had the right of it, they shouldn't have invaded...

Baughbe writes:


The story is so stupid because it most likely is revisionist history (with heavy dose of outright myth). "Hey Moses, let's invade these people!" "Sure, sounds like God's Plan to me!" "Hey, we got our asses beat!" "I Told You God was against it!" "No you didn't! You said..." *STAB* "I said... God called you a coward and you're dead. OK everyone, we have to wander for a bit."

Arashikou writes:


This is messed up. The people learned their lesson from the first punishment and reformed, so God punishes them again?

This has got to be one long, convoluted attempt to retroactively justify how they could have failed in their first attempt to invade the Promised Land despite God being ostensibly on their side. "Well, you see, God wasn't on our side... THIS TIME... because some spies we sent out earlier pissed him off."

Baughbe writes:


Anybody know what is going on with Matt Bors' site? Been getting error message for a couple of days now.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I was able to see it using this URL:


Oh the irony!