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The God of the bible handles his message in such a piss-poor way, itís almost as if heís trying to create a spooky religion full of difficult-to-believe rituals. In Numbers 15:1-21, he gives the Israelites more gruesome instructions for how to sacrifice animals to him because he adores the stench of burning carcasses, but these are instructions are for after they enter the Promised Land, which is 40 years from now!

This means the majority of the people who are going to have to carry these sacrifices are either not yet born, or too young to even understand them. Which means the Israelites are going to have to remember the rules and tell them second-hand to their children. Letís just hope they donít forget or misremember them, God will be puh-issed! And being as they are all former slaves and most likely illiterate, writing the rules down is kind of out of the question, so theyíre gonna have to perfect the art of oral story-telling (which is always reliable!).

How hard would it have been for an all-powerful and timeless God to just tell the Israelites these rules when they actually need to know them? This canít be a convenience issue, it must be that God is again purposely sabotaging his chosen people!



HiroOdan writes:


God wants only animals that have lived long full lives killed horribly and burned. Psst pass it on!

Baughbe writes:


God wants lonely animals that have long full lines killed honorably and churned. Psst pass it on!

anonymous writes:


these are instructions are for?

Baughbe writes:


Wow, that didn't take long.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


God haunts lonely animal hats have strong full lines spilled honorably and churned. Psst pass it on!

Arashikou writes:


God hunts, lonely, for animal hats. Have strong full lines spilled honorably and churned. Psst pass it on!


Oh the irony!