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Ugh! Whatever makes this go faster, is the mantra of most bible readers.

Numbers 15:22-31 is just a rewording of Gods demand for animal sacrifice from back in Leviticus. Nothing really new here, although, in this repetition of the commandment, there is no mention of the sinner having to pay silver. This was already a contradiction in Leviticus, but seeing this additional evidence against the payment of silver, makes me even more suspicious of the fee being inserted after-the-fact by greedy priests.

One of the fun things about this comic is talking about and illustrating all the exciting new ways to commit mass murder and enslave children, but even chopping up baby animals so a sadistic deity can get high off their burning carcasses gets old when done ad nauseum. For now, Im just glad to get through another large chunk of repeat verses.




Oh the irony!