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Where will the madness end?

If you want to be reminded of God’s law, nothing beats a small blue tassel hanging at your waist. Sure, there’s a giant flaming tornado at night, a huge swirling column of dust during the day, a giant smoky pit of burning animal carcasses 24-7, an opulent tent made from the finest fabrics in the center of your living space, a golden table with bread you can’t eat, a giant golden candelabra made from your “borrowed” jewelry, a huge heavy golden ark you’re expected to carry around all the time, the thunderous voice of a trembling mountain full of lightning and smoke, actually seeing God himself with your own two eyes, but no… it’s the little blue cord that doesn’t let you forget.

This tassel is called a tzitzit, and even though God says that it should be worn by all Israelites throughout their generations, few Jews actually follow this commandment. This is especially dangerous considering location of this passage. Numbers 15:37-41 is tucked in between two stories of people being executed by God for disobedience. I guess Jews like living on the edge!

And this is just the first of many fashion choices God will make for his chosen people. Soon, they’ll be expected to wear belts, shawls, and little hats, even when it’s not their birthday!



Baughbe writes:


Hey Aaron!
Yeah Joeseph?
Lets see just how many stupid things we can get people to wear!
Alright, what?
How about little pieces of frayed rope?
Cool, I'll get the behing the curtain and you start the smoke screen.
They bought it...
What can we get them to wear next?


Oh the irony!